Stone Viking Space Probe Double IPA is available online now

In the spirit of all the exploratory missions deployed across the galaxy — be they spacecraft, Viking or other — we’re constantly probing the world of beer back here on Earth. That quest has brought us to this latest creation, which comes from our brewing team at Stone Brewing – Napa. With a subtle haze reminiscent of some far-off nebula, and further complemented with the juicy flavors of Ella and Citra hops, this beer is most definitely out of this world. Crafted to be enjoyed on Earth, but if intelligent life does exist out there, we’re pretty sure they’ll like it too*. 

[*Editor’s Note: Ahem, “if intelligent life exists” ? Well, we can assure you that it does and also, yes, the Beer Aliens love this beer. Viking Space Probe provides what Stone Brewing is famous for… taking a style of beer and turning on its head to create something wonderful and unique.]

Available now online in 12oz six-pack cans (CA shipping only) and on draft, cans or 22oz bottles in Stone locations.

Coming nationwide starting 1/27

Viking Space Probe was one of the early beers brewed by Steve Gonzalez, Senior Manager of Small Batch Brewing & Innovation for Stone Brewing – Napa. It was received very well in Napa and continues to be a favorite. Stone Brewing knew at some point they would target it for a special national release and in 2020 they found a good spot for it to kick off the year. It’s not your typical hazy DIPA by any means. The use of Ella and Citra hops together, combined with Belgian Candi Sugar for added sweetness, definitely make this beer unique.

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