John Gallegos

John Gallegos

SAN DIEGO – December 12, 2019 – Founded at the crossroads of cultures, SouthNorte Beer Co. today revealed that it has secured new investment to drive company growth led by advertising executive and founding partner, John Gallegos, who has increased his investment in the brand to further accelerate the company’s marketing efforts, expansion into new territories and exploration of new partners throughout the country. This influx of funding positions Gallegos as the majority owner of SouthNorte, with Coronado Brewing Company offering continued operational support with a minority stake in the company.

The infusion of new investment comes at an important juncture for SouthNorte —the brand has garnered critical acclaim and grassroots fan support in San Diego, and now, Gallegos and partners recognize that the time is ripe to amplify SouthNorte’s message and brand essence beyond its current footprint and into new markets. Having focused on creatively bringing together the best of both sides of the border in its craft beer portfolio, SouthNorte was recently recognized for its brewing excellence with a gold medal for Sea Señor Mex Lager (Cream Ale category) and a silver medal for Agavemente Hibiscus Lager (Specialty Ale category), at the 2019 Great American Beer Festival (GABF). This recognition from the world’s largest commercial beer competition is a testament that these flavors are resonating with both fans and critics alike. This additional funding will allow SouthNorte to remain focused on delivering exceptional beers, while maximizing its ability to share its crossroads of cultures message with new audiences.

“With SouthNorte, we’ve aimed to bring the authentic flavor of Mexico to American craft beer in a manner that evokes the thrilling and unexpected, cross-cultural vibrancy percolating along the border,” said John Gallegos, ‎founding partner, SouthNorte. “Phase one was to strike a chord and leave a lasting impression with craft beer aficionados. We’ve clearly done that – and now we are in a position where we look to the future and say, ‘How do we grow?’  ‘How can we continue to elevate, evolve and introduce SouthNorte’s portfolio to more people as a lifestyle beer brand that is synonymous with the best flavors and rollicking, crisscrossing culture of both sides of the border?’ I see endless opportunities as we continue to shape SouthNorte into one of the most highly sought-after breweries.”

In addition to increasing his investment in the brand, Gallegos will take on additional operational management roles in the company. A seasoned advertising and marketing executive, Gallegos is CEO of the United Collective, a culturally-attuned, creatively driven communications group comprised of five interconnected independent agencies – built for where the market is going.  Adept in understanding the complexity of unique challenges brands face when looking to reach new audiences to drive growth, Gallegos’ majority stake investment cements a renewed emphasis in creatively marketing SouthNorte and fully realizing its potential beyond its grassroots fanbase.

“It’s an exciting time to take up and reinvigorate the marketing, sales and creative mantle to build differentiation and preference for SouthNorte,” added Gallegos.  “It’s the perfect match to my passion points – a love of cultural collaboration, an appreciation of multiethnic heritage fused with the California border lifestyle and the pursuit of campaigns that connect and resonate authentically with culturally diverse American consumers today.”

Brewmaster, Ryan Brooks

Brewmaster, Ryan Brooks

The new resources will allow SouthNorte to focus on a long-term strategy and growth objectives to move the brand forward in the future, including building-out a rededicated sales and marketing leadership force. Founding partner Ryan Brooks, the heart, soul and pioneering spirit of SouthNorte will stay on as brewmaster focused on continuing to creatively expand SouthNorte’s offerings.

“I was originally drawn to the craft beer industry because everyone is so passionate about what they do,” said Ryan Brooks, founding partner and Brewmaster, SouthNorte. “With SouthNorte, I wanted to create beers that truly embodied my experiences living on both sides of the border and engaging with brewers in both San Diego and across Mexico. I want people to enjoy SouthNorte beers and get a taste of what I experience when I am in Mexico—amazing flavor combinations, unique ingredients, crafted with respect and brewed with the highest quality. I am thrilled to be on this journey fulfilling my passions, and with this additional investment, I am confident we can take SouthNorte to the next level. I love that I can dedicate my craft to transporting people on a cross-border journey through our beers.”

Under this new arrangement, former CEO, Brandon Richards, credited for his contributions in making SouthNorte a success, will remain as a partner and Coronado Brewing Company will also remain a partner in the business offering various levels of support including brewing, sales, and marketing. SouthNorte beer will continue to be contract brewed and packaged at Coronado facilities.

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