Home Events Societe Brewing’s 6th Anniversary, New Beer & Crowlers
Societe Brewing’s 6th Anniversary, New Beer & Crowlers

Societe Brewing’s 6th Anniversary, New Beer & Crowlers



Brewery’s beers now available to-go in less-costly, recyclable, 32-ounce aluminum cans

Happily responding to fan demand, Kearny Mesa’s SOCIETE BREWING COMPANY has installed a “CROWLER” machine to provide its fans an economical, environmentally-responsible beer-to-go option. The term “crowler” refers to recyclable 32-ounce aluminum cans that can be filled on-site much like “growlers” (non-disposable, screw- or flip-top, glass or stainless steel receptacles). Introduction of the crowler option allows customers to purchase beer to enjoy at home or another off-site location without investing in the often-costly purchase of a growler or devote time to cleaning and sanitizing that vessel post-consumption. Once they have served their purpose, crowlers can be recycled like an everyday aluminum can.

Offering variety in the way of take-home beer is especially essential for Societe Brewing, given that almost all of its beers are draft-only rather than bottled or canned. While beer should be consumed within 48 hours of being sealed in a crowler, this new capability represents a great leap forward that will equate to increased enjoyment for Societe fans. Crowlers will officially debut mid-June as part of…



Societe Brewing offering significant month-long discounts as part of its sexennial festivities

To say thank-you for six successful years in the brewing industry, SOCIETE BREWING COMPANY will offer extensive discounts to its patrons. Each year, the Kearny Mesa cult-favorite brewery debuts limited-edition, branded glassware as part of its anniversary festivities. This year’s glass will go on sale NOON ON WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6 FOR $10. That price includes customers’ first fill and, more importantly, entitles glass owners to $1 off every beer poured into that glass until close-of-business on June 30.

The sixth-anniversary glass holds more beer than Societe’s everyday tasting-room glasses, meaning patrons will get more for less, regardless of which of the brewery’s varied beer styles they select, be they IPAs, Belgian-style ales, lagers, stouts, wine-barrel-aged and wild ales.

Fans are encouraged to share posts and imagery from Societe’s sixth anniversary using the hashtag #SOCIETE6. The specialty glass is sure to be a focal point of social-sharing, as is a special type of beer the glass was specifically designed to hold…



Societe debuts modern-day take on classic style borne from its single-hop lager program

As part of its sixth anniversary, SOCIETE BREWING COMPANY will debut a brand-new beer on (or around) WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6. Dubbed THE MISTRESS, it is a contemporary pilsner given extra flavor and aroma in keeping with modern-day beer-lovers’ tastes care of a massive edition of fruity, earthy, spicy hops.

The Mistress’ hop bill is built from a trio of hops—Saphir, Sterling and Hallertau Blanc. All three were particularly well received by members of Societe’s brewing team as well as tasting-room customers, when showcased as the exclusive botanical influence for separate iterations of the brewery’s single-hop lager, THE BACHELORETTE. Coming in at 5.3% alcohol-by-volume, The Mistress is crisp, clean and easy-drinking, but unlike standard pilsners, it greets drinkers with tantalizing floral, herbal aromas followed by vibrant citrusy sensations on the taste buds and a green, palate-cleansing bitterness.

The Mistress will be on-draft in Societe’s tasting room (8262 CLAIREMONT MESA BLVD) as well as bars and restaurants throughout San Diego County.

An independently owned-and-operated production brewery founded by a pair of professional brewers in 2012, SOCIETE BREWING COMPANYproduces an array of almost-exclusively draft offerings ranging from hoppy “Out West” ales, to Belgian-inspired and continental “Old World” ales and lagers, and dark “Stygian” beers. The brewery also features a 1,500-square-foot, temperature-controlled room housing used wine barrels filled with a maturing stock of “Feral” (barrel-aged sour and wild) ales. Proud to be part of the hotbed of brewing innovation that is San Diego, California, Societe distributes its beers to finer bars and beer-centric restaurants and retailers throughout its home-county. The brewery has earned medals in multiple style categories at the World Beer Cup, Great American Beer Festival and San Diego International Beer Festival competitions, and its multifarious portfolio of beers includes The Pupil and The Apprentice IPAs, The Coachman Really Small IPA, The Harlot Belgian-style Blonde Ale and The Butcher Imperial Stout. For more information, visit the company’s official website—SOCIETEBREWING.COM—or follow via social media on FACEBOOK, TWITTER or INSTAGRAM (@societebrewing.com).

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