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Shiner Adds To Signature Brewer’s Pride Series With A Fresh Hop IPA

Shiner Adds To Signature Brewer’s Pride Series With A Fresh Hop IPA


Spoetzl Brewery, the iconic 109-year-old Texas craft brewery and brewer of the legendary Shiner Bock, announces its latest edition to the Brewer’s Pride series with a vibrant Fresh Hop IPA – brewed just in time to celebrate prime hop harvesting season.

The limited-edition beer is made using premium Amarillo hops which were harvested at the notable Crosby Hop Farm in Woodburn, Oregon – known for their best in class products. The hand-select hops were closely monitored through harvest, cut from the bine at the peak of freshness and driven over two thousand miles to Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, TX where they were immediately placed in brew kettles – a 36 hour, non-stop process.

Shiner Fresh Hop IPA is a crisp, refreshing and fragrant beer yet bold enough to tout an impressive 65 IBU. Putting a unique twist on the hop-forward style, this flavor-packed brew has aromatic hints of apricot and peach with subtle grassy, citrusy notes – an unmatched taste that can only be achieved with fresh hops. The Russet red hued brew is best enjoyed as soon as possible at a suggested serving temperature of 50-55° F to maintain freshness. 

“For decades Shiner has produced award-winning classic and new-style beer offerings, reserving some of the finest seasonal and specialty releases for the quarterly Brewer’s Pride series. We’re incredibly proud of the talented team that tirelessly worked to achieve Shiner Fresh Hop IPA. While an unusual style for a Texas-based brewery, the team worked with precision and speed to deliver a superior, uber-fresh beer that I personally am thrilled to share with Texas and beyond,” says Jimmy Mauric, Shiner Master Brewer.

Shiner Brewer’s Pride Fresh Hop IPA is a limited offering and will be available nationwide from October 1st in both 12 ounce and 24 ounce bottles as well as on draft. The suggested retail price for a six-pack of 12 ounce bottles is $10.99. The brew clocks in at 6.8% ABV.




About Shiner and the Spoetzl Brewery:
The Spoetzl Brewery – named after brewmaster Kosmos Spoetzl – was founded in Shiner, Texas (population 2,069), in 1909, brewing beer with old-world traditions and recipes for the many German and Czech settlers in the state. Since then, the brewery has grown to be one of the leading independent craft brewers in the country. But every drop of the award-winning beer is still brewed right where it all started 109 years ago. Visit www.shiner.com.

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