Review: Capski Bottle Opener. Perfect For Any Beer Drinker

The Capski Bottle Opener is the perfect gift for all types of beer lovers and drinkers. Capski’s versatility makes it a one of a kind product. You can attach it to your fridge, shower, and even car. One of the best features of this bottle opener is that you do not need any screws, adhesive or glues. Just pick a smooth glass like surface and slap The Capski Bottle Opener right on!

I attached the Capski to my Yeti cooler and it was perfect for cracking open those camp fire beers. The Capski Bottle Opener is fun and useful making it one of my favorite beer accessories. Consider picking one up Aliens! 


The Capski Bottle Opener is available in black for an MSRP of $15.00-$16.00

and it is available through Amazon.


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