The Texas Whiskey Festival and Ranger Creek announce the release of a collaboration whiskey, the first in the Tejas series.

Tejas, the Spanish spelling of the ancient Caddo word for “friend” or “ally” is a collaboration between the festival and various Texas distillers to create unique offerings that showcase their methods and character. Each bottling will be a limited release available only through the respective distiller.

The first in the Tejas series is a bottling by Ranger Creek Distillery. Their rye whiskey spent two and a half years in bourbon barrels before being finished in a barrel provided by Austin Eastciders. Over the six-month finishing process, the spirit and the barrel became acquainted to produce a whiskey rich with floral, baked apple, and cinnamon aromas, with touches of honey, baked red apple, and a hint of bitter apple flavors to become “Tejas.”

“This is a truly unique release that I hope people enjoy tasting it as much as we did making it,” said Josh Gardner, head distiller at Ranger Creek.

The bottling totaled just 258 – 750ml bottles. It will be available on July 20 exclusively through Ranger Creek’s tasting room. “The ability to collaborate showcases the camaraderie and experimentation the Texas Whiskey Industry is all about,” said Ranger Creek Co-Founder Dennis Rylander.

Tejas came to embody the character of the weathered and resilient settlers who saw the wide-open west as their destiny. This series pays homage to their intrepid resolve by bringing together our favorite Texas distilleries in a spirit of friendship that exemplifies the pride we take in proclaiming, “We are Tejas!”

“As a huge fan of their rye whiskey, this has been an amazing experience,” said Texas Whiskey Festival Co-Founder Jake Clements. “I’m excited to share this collaboration with everyone.”

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