Prairie Artisan Ales Pledges $10 Donation Per Delivery Order for Hospitality Workers

Prairie Artisan Ales plans to use a portion of proceeds from its new delivery service to benefit hospitality workers affected by COVID-19. Prairie announced that it will donate $10 of every delivery order to local organizations that benefit Oklahoma hospitality workers.

“ABLE recently granted us the power to deliver beer directly to consumers, which has helped navigate these uncertain times,” said Zach Prichard, President of Prairie Artisan Ales. “We have been fortunate to retain most of our crew, and we wanted to look for a way to help our friends and family in the hospitality industry. “It turns out that the thing we are best at is making beer that people like, and it’s really cool to have beer delivered to your porch.”

Money raised through this project will be donated to the Oklahoma City and Tulsa Hospitality Employee Relief Fund. The funds, which were created by the Oklahoma Restaurant Association, the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation, and other partners, will make direct financial contributions to hospitality workers.

“The Oklahoma Restaurant Association deserves a lot of credit for how quickly they mobilized to set up this fund,” Prichard said. “Knowing this community, I know there are other businesses that, if able, will contribute as well.”

“Hotels and restaurants, hospitality workers are vital to breweries,” Prichard said. “We make some really excellent beers, but we need bartenders and servers to sell them. It feels natural to us to try to help these people that do so much for us on a regular basis.”

Prairie Artisan Ales has locations in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and McAlester.

Humans and aliens living in the OKC, Tulsa metro or in the McAlester area can place their delivery orders at