Pipeworks Brewing announces the return of two fan favorite craft beers. Blueberry Cichlid and Coffee Break Abduction make their return at the Pipeworks Brewing dojo and will be available to distribution channels Jan 15. The Beer Alien staff are particularly amused by the name Coffee Break Abduction for obvious reasons haha.

Blueberry Cichlid

IIPA brewed with wildflower honey, blueberry puree and Citra hops

The blueberries and the citra hops perfectly blend together in this hoppy and slightly sweet and tart IIPA.

Available in The Dojo starting 1/13
Out for Distro this Monday 1/15
22oz bottles, 9.5% ABV, $10.99

Coffee Break Abduction

Imperial Stout brewed with vanilla and Dark Matter Coffee

On January 12, 2018 an unsuspecting civilian was adjusting her satellite dish in “hops” of getting a better picture on her television, when she intercepted an alien transmission. Here is the full transcript of her recounting the transmission:

“I was all like uh, is this for real and then the alien was all like muhhahaha you’re so doomed. And I was like why am I doomed? Come at me. The alien then was all like uh no, you come at me. So we like did that for a bit and then the alien said it was coming to steal something called “Coffee Break Abduction” from some people called “Pipejerks?” I don’t know what that’s about.”

Available in The Dojo starting 1/13
Out for Distro this Monday 1/15
22oz bottles, 10.5% ABV, $10.99

For more information about these beers and Pipeworks Brewing, visit: http://pdubs.net/




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