Phillips Distilling Introduces Sunlight Activated UV Vodka Bottles

Phillips Distilling Company, a pioneer in breakthrough flavors and spirits innovation for more than 100 years, today announced that UV Vodka will get a rebranded, modern look with the launch of a photochromic bottle design that activates a spectrum of bright colors when exposed to UV sunlight.

A new tagline “Bring the Light™,” is the brand’s first campaign focusing on building a deeper relationship between the UV name and its connection with ultraviolet rays. Sunlight is the key to activate the colorful photochromic wave design that appears on the neck of the bottle and the primary label. When the bottle is removed from sunlight, the new bold black UV logo remains while the colorful waves disappear. According to CTI research, sunlight-activated ink drives purchase intent for 64% of consumers. Each of the brand’s unique bottles are American-made, naturally flavored, distilled four times and filtered with active carbon for a perfectly smooth taste.

“We wanted to come up with a fun, energetic way to express the UV brand and strengthen the connection with ultraviolet light,” said Jeff Twomey, Senior Brand Manager at Phillips Distilling Company. “Besides wanting a quality vodka, more than half of UV Vodka drinkers say they look for ‘cool’ packaging at shelf and want a fun, engaging experience that stands out from our competitors.”

UV Vodka is distributed nationally with its strength of distribution in the Midwest, including MinnesotaWisconsin and Illinois being focused markets. The brand is priced in the mid-tier category and can be found at grocery, liquor, wine and c-stores.

Twomey added, “There’s a wonderful opportunity for us to bring a Midwest, straightforward American sensibility to the vodka market. It’s where we have been creating spirits innovation for more than 100 years and it makes UV Vodka very relevant to today’s and tomorrow’s consumer.”

UV Vodka holds the distinction of winning several prestigious consumer and trade awards. It is a double gold winner of the consumer SIP awards and the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. It is a six-time winner of the highly-esteemed “Hot Brands” trade award and earned a 93 points score in the highly contested ‘Ultimate Spirits Challenge.’ It also makes the perfect base for simple, go-to-cocktails such as, a UV Bloody Mary, UV Greyhound or UV Woo Woo drink anytime or anywhere.