Palmetto Brewing release three new beers this weekend

Palmetto Brewing release three new beers this weekend. Beers and dates are below:

Pants Optional: Tangerine Hazy DIPA (Available 7/16) 

Masks are mandatory these days, but if there’s one thing quarantine taught us it’s that pants very well may be optional. And on a related note, Pants Optional should be considered mandatory drinking. (In Palmetto Brewing’s humble opinion, of course.) Feel free to draw your own flowchart if needed.

Pants Optional streaks onto the scene with bright citrus fruit flavors and an obscene amount of fresh hop character — Citra, Lemondrop, and Simcoe. Fermented out with Palmetto Brewing’s Cloud Cover yeast strain, then infused with an immodest addition of juicy tangerine. This NE-style DIPA is hazy orange in color with a soft, frothy mouthfeel. Dangerously crushable for a double!

This new taproom exclusive beer is now available in cans!  8.2 % ABV (4-pack) $18

Shower Day Reward: Piña Colada Milkshake IPA (Available 7/17) 

This Piña Colada Milkshake IPA glimmers like a gold star on your quarantine shower calendar — you did have a shower calendar, right? — faithfully spacing out shower days just enough to both save water and avoid offending the noses of anyone in your immediate vicinity. Then when your aura threatened to extend beyond your 6 ft social distance, you’d know the time had come for you to rejoin the freshly showered. Which, of course, meant that a reward was in order afterwards…or perhaps even during?

Shower Day Reward takes the defining characteristics of the NE IPA – juicy/fruit-forward, soft/creamy mouthfeel, full body, low bitterness, cloudy/turbid appearance – and pushes all of those sensory elements to the extreme. Generously dry-hopped with Citra and Huell Melon. Fermented with Palmetto Brewing’s Cloud Cover yeast strain. Then finished with a huge addition of fresh pineapple, coconut, and lactose.

This new taproom exclusive beer is now available in cans!  6.0 % ABV (4-pack) $16

Quarantine Haircut: Strawberry-Banana Hefeweizen (Speakeasy Beer: Available 7/18)

We’ve seen some gnarly homemade haircuts coming out of the quarantine months — our own included. So this beer goes out to all you amateur barbers out there, brave groomers of unnamed and never-before-imagined hair styles, unafraid to pick up a pair of scissors and do what had to be done, appearances be damned.

This beer will have you social distancing in style with the best (and now cheapest!) Quarantine Haircut in town. An addition of fresh fruit intermingles with the banana and clove flavor profile of this classic German-style Hefeweizen, with a kiss of ripe strawberry on the nose. Light and refreshing, it features a soft mouthfeel with minimal hop bitterness.

This new taproom exclusive beer is now available in crowlers.  5.5% ABV (crowler) $12

For more information about Palmetto Brewing, visit:

289 Huger St, Charleston, SC 29403

Patio open for social distanced drinking, masks are required while not seated as per downtown Charleston ordinance. Curbside pickup available as well.