Ólafsson Icelandic Gin Picks Up Gold At This Year’s Gin Masters Competition

This prestigious blind tasting competition saw international entries from almost 200 expressions, with Ólafsson Icelandic Gin named as a standout spirit in the Super Premium category – a flight in which the judges sought out expressive, creative excellence in gin distilling.

“This accolade is a huge honor and we’re both thrilled and humbled to be recognized by leading voices within the spirits industry,” says Eyland Spirits co-founder, Arnar Agnarsson. “While Ólafsson was officially launched in February 2020, our journey to this point started long ago. Now, we’re very proud to be shining a spotlight on Iceland – and to bring a flavor of its unique character to the world on the next step on our global adventure.”

A pioneering spirit lies behind the gin’s creation – inspired by Eggert Ólafsson, the 18th century explorer who is part of the country’s cultural canon and wrote Travels in Iceland. First published in 1772, this epic book traces Ólafsson’s five-year expedition across Iceland, recording details of the land and people. Today, one of the original 1805 English editions stands on the bookshelves of Eyland Spirits co-founders, Arnar Agnarsson and Jon Maxwell.

“Every element of our gin,” says Jon, “pays tribute to Eggert Ólafsson, Iceland and its landscape he passionately documented – from our hand-illustrated packaging drawn from historical engravings, to the flavors that reflect the purity and beauty of Iceland’s extraordinary terrain. It’s an invitation to discover a truly captivating story.” 

If you ever wondered what Iceland tastes like, take a sip of Ólafsson Gin. Pour a generous measure into cocktails. Or serve pure on the rocks. Whichever way you enjoy it, you’re treated to a smooth, complex base of classic juniper, floral, citrusy botanicals and earthy spices after a mineral wisp of fresh, ocean air. Lingering notes of native arctic thyme, birch and mountain moss let its personality shine through – not forgetting Iceland’s famous pristine lava-filtered water, which balances everything perfectly.

About Eyland Spirits

Eyland Spirits was born in Iceland amongst friends: Icelanders and Americans with a shared love for this magnificent land. It was here, one glorious summer evening, sitting beneath the midnight sun, that we talked about our vision to create world-class Icelandic spirits. For more information, visit: http://www.eylandspirits.is