Off Color Brewing re-release DinoSmores and Blueberries Feel Pain

A lot of you humans (and us aliens too) are huge fans of DinoS’mores and, yes, while Off Color thought it would launch on Halloween like the past three years, it was ready so why wait? Available now at Mousetrap (12-8pm) and the Bottle Shop (1-7pm) for pickup and delivery.


Imperial Stout with Vanilla Beans, Marshmallow, Graham Flour, Molasses, and Chocolate
10.5% abv
$18.99 / 16oz 4-packs
$95 / case
Off Color thinks the name is pretty self-explanatory, but if you aren’t familiar: it’s an Imperial Stout. And because they’re so goshdarn cheeky, Off Color uses marshmallow fluff, molasses, graham flour, vanilla beans and chocolate. Enjoy by an open flame. Or on your couch. Order now! Local and national distribution to follow later this month.

The Beer Aliens love the little Off Color mouse and on this label, we are glad we are not blueberries haha.

Blueberries Feel Pain

American Wild Ale brewed with Native Yeast and Blueberries
8.1% abv
$16 / 750mL bottle
Off Color (very carefully) harvested native yeasts from the delicate skins of blueberries found on a small farm outside of Fennville, Michigan and then used them to ferment a wild ale in one of their Barolo foedres adding a whole muss of wild blueberries from a different part of Michigan because Michigan has a lot more blueberries than Chicago. The resulting beer swipes right with Juicy Juice blueberries and round tartness with hints of oatmeal cookies and freshly baked muffins before mellowing to the sort of alluring tannic, preserved jam finish that makes you delete Tinder from your phone. Order now!

For more information about Off Color Brewing, visit:
Off Color Taproom
1460 N. Kingsbury St.
Chicago, Illinois
at the Production Brewery
3925 W. Dickens Ave.
Chicago, Illinois