Off Color Brewing Beer for Golf returns, preorder April 30, 2020 at 7:30pm CDT

Another month has passed, we are all still being asked to stay home for the greater good, and the updated order in Illinois allows some non-essential businesses to reopen (in a limited capacity) on May 1! And as luck should have it that includes golf courses… just in time for the return of Beer for Golf.

These 16oz 4-packs are $10; Off Color Brewing used Keemun and Ceylon teas in this batch, in addition to the Meyer Lemon, Lemon Peel, and Coriander found in the last.

Your thirst for this Arnold Palmer-inspired wit blew Off Color Brewing away last time, but don’t worry: there’s lots more this time around! Here’s a bunch of important logistical mumbo jumbo:

PICKUP: Different locations with different ordering systems, but both will go live at 7:30pm CDT tonight. 

  • The Bottle Shop will add B4G to the menu tonight at 7:30. Schedule your pickup for Friday or beyond. Depending on the turnout, Off Color Brewing may implement a one-in-one-out policy and ask that you wait outside, 6′ apart of course. Off Color Brewing will post signage as needed. (direct link)
  • Mousetrap will also add B4G to their online menu tonight at 7:30, but pickup begins Friday at 3pm. When ordering online, please choose the Beer for Golf item that corresponds to the day you’ll be picking up (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, etc). That will help them plan accordingly! (direct link)

DELIVERY: With Off Color Brewing’s recently expanded delivery zone, they’ll experience Caviar’s actual reach!

  • The Bottle Shop will add B4G to the menu tonight at 7:30, with actual delivery beginning Friday at 1pm. (direct link)
  • Mousetrap will add it to their menu Friday at 3pm, with immediate availability. (direct link)

SMALL PRINT: There’s always something, right?

  • Please note Off Color Brewing will not be able to accept walk-ins. Please order before coming in. In fact, under normal conditions, your order is ready in a few minutes, so it’s easy to order from your car or even from the sidewalk. Off Color Brewing appreciates your understanding.
  • Please pickup from the location you actually ordered from. As Off Color Brewing mentioned, their locations have different systems and that means different inventories. For example, Mousetrap has some offerings the Bottle Shop does not, so coming to the Bottle Shop to pickup your Mousetrap order could result in disappointment and no one wants that!
  • Please don’t show up at Mousetrap before 3pm expecting your Beer for Golf. Again, Off Color Brewing doesn’t want anyone to be disappointed.