New Perlick & Draught Guard Partnership Provides New Technology In Beer Line Cleaning

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Perlick is excited to announce their new partnership with Draught Guard, pairing their industry-leading beer systems with the latest technology in beer line cleaning to help bar and brewery owners and operators save time AND increase profits. Draught Guard’s one-of-a-kind technology for cleaning beer lines extends required cleaning cycles from two weeks to 12 weeks, providing the opportunity for owners and operators to minimize beer waste and save an average of $8,000 per year in beer and related cleaning costs.

The typical process for cleaning beer systems consists of dumping all usable product from within the lines and recirculating caustic chemicals through the system. Instead, Draught Guard provides 24/7 protection of the beer lines, from keg to tap, via an electronic, non-chemical, low-frequency signal that both removes and prevents the formation of biofilm within the lines. The use of Draught Guard on a beer system has been shown to reduce existing live biofilm cells by 80-90% and has a 98% inhibition rate of new biofilm formation within the system, according to studies done by the Montana State University Center for Biofilm Engineering and the University of Pittsburgh, respectively. Additionally, the team at Draught Guard has conducted nearly five years of scientific field studies alongside industry stakeholders including leading craft breweries, quality experts, line cleaning organizations, and large venues to prove the technology’s efficacy on existing beer systems.

“Having Draught Guard installed on a beer system is a true game-changer for the industry. Not only does it provide owners and operators with significant amounts of time and cost savings, but it also preserves the quality of the beer being served,” said Kyle Chittim, Product Marketing Manager, Perlick. “A clean and consistent system is critical to maintaining the integrity of craft beer and beverages. Having this technology installed ensures the quality of the beverage from when it was brewed to when it’s poured.”

Implementation of Draught Guard is completely non-invasive and takes less than fifteen minutes to install. Each Draught Guard unit can treat up to 12 lines within one beer system and protects the entire beer line, no matter the length of the system.

“As an industry-leading manufacturer of high-quality beer systems, we’re excited and proud to partner with Draught Guard to provide Perlick users with the next level of certainty in serving the highest quality beverages available to patrons,” Chittim said.

As of September 9th, Draught Guard will come standard with all Perlick beer Century systems.

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