Home Featured Nevada Beer Quest – Nevada’s Only Printed & Digital Interactive Brewspaper launches
Nevada Beer Quest – Nevada’s Only Printed & Digital Interactive Brewspaper launches

Nevada Beer Quest – Nevada’s Only Printed & Digital Interactive Brewspaper launches


NEVADA BEER QUEST is printed monthly as an 11″ x 14″ brewspaper featuring great articles and QR codes linking directly to featured breweries, taprooms, gastropubs, and featured posts with added pix and videos. We’ll keep you entertained and informed as you contemplate your next craft beer experience.

Co-founder A.D. Cook had this to say about Nevada Beer Quest: “Today’s beer is about passion, vision, commitment, and community. In many ways, it’s very much like the world of art and design in the sense that you are always striving for improvement. That how design is for me. I’ve been creating for print since the early 1980s and for online since 1995 (yikes!). Creating Nevada Beer Quest is a natural progression for me to creatively share and celebrate another creative community – brewers. Throughout the site, and in our printed publication, you’ll discover lots of fun ways that art, design, and beer come together.”

Fellow co-founder Beti Kristof added: “The fine art of craft beer intrigued me as a cook, a writer, an artist and a creative always seeking more. Therefore, speaking creatively, the beer world has the incredible potential of variety and possibility. Beer brewing and the art of layering characteristics, creating undertones, highlighting flavors, learning to master the craft through patience, practice, trial, and error is all very similar to life and everything worth doing well. Like art, the inspiration is in the creation, and the mastery is in the replication. We live in a world rich in beer choices, and the quest to experience it all led us here. We want to celebrate this and present beers colorful palette though sharing our passions.”

Copies of  NEVADA BEER QUEST are available for free at various craft breweries, better beer bars, homebrew supply stores, and bottle shops throughout Nevada. If you are interested in distributing Nevada Beer Quest in your area, please contact them through their contact page.

For more information on NEVADA BEER QUEST and to read the digital edition, visit them here: https://nevadabeerquest.com

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