Home Craft Spirit McClintock Distilling is Certified as Maryland’s First and Only Organic Distillery
McClintock Distilling is Certified as Maryland’s First and Only Organic Distillery

McClintock Distilling is Certified as Maryland’s First and Only Organic Distillery


McClintock Distilling has been officially certified as Maryland’s first ever USDA Organic Distillery as of the permit issue date of January 20, 2018. McClintock Distilling has been using organic ingredients from the opening of the business in December 2015 and went through a year of compliance with the Maryland Department of Agriculture before the certification became official.

Every aspect of production was considered for the certification, from the grains used in whiskey production to the botanicals included in McClintock’s award-winning Forager gin. Representatives from McClintock, the USDA and the Maryland Department of Agriculture worked closely throughout 2017 to ensure compliance as this is the first distillery to go through the process in the state.

We are thrilled to be the first distillery in the state to be organic certified. Using one hundred percent organic grains was part of our mission to ensure that we get the best possible ingredients to make the best possible spirits. As an added bonus we get to support responsible farms that are using non-GMO grains and reducing the pesticide and nitrogen pollution of our waterways.”  
                                                       —  Braeden Bumpers, Owner, McClintock Distilling

Being organic certified is part of McClintock Distilling’s overall mission to increase sustainability in alcohol production, both at their facility in downtown Frederick and off-site. The distillery itself is powered by one hundred percent renewable electricity purchased through Clean Choice Energy and the owners designed and built a proprietary closed loop cooling system that has reduced wastewater in the facility by several hundred thousand gallons a year. The distillers also work closely with local farmers to ensure that all spent grain mash gets re-used as animal feed in Frederick County.


McClintock Distilling, an organic craft distillery located in Frederick, Maryland, offers vodka, gins, and whiskeys. McClintock Distilling strives to maintain a sustainable and locally sourced business with a focus on product quality, environmental impact and community betterment. McClintock Distilling is committed to bringing the McClintock experience to all of our customers through every drop. For more information please visit http://www.mcclintockdistilling.com.

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