Lucas Bols Launches Bols Ready to Enjoy Cocktails

As the industry is shifting towards higher quality home entertaining, Bols, the World’s First Cocktail Brand, is inviting consumers to bring home the magic of cocktails with Bols Ready to Enjoy Cocktails. The newest additions to the Bols portfolio will feature four signature cocktails that have been expertly mixed for a convenient and true craft cocktail experience at home.

Bols Ready to Enjoy Cocktails will be available in unique 200ml Bols Cocktail Tubes and two larger sizes – 375ml and 700ml bottles. These high quality products create a new, super-premium segment within the fast-growing category of ready to serve cocktails, which have continued to grow in 2021 after seeing 43% global growth in 2020[1].

The revolutionary Bols Cocktail Tubes serve 1 to 2 cocktails in a sustainable packaging that is designed to preserve exceptional taste and quality. The black Tube is sleek, stylish, and compact enough for your pocket or purse. Simply chill, pour, and garnish, for a true bar experience at home or on-the-go.

Each of the Bols Ready to Enjoy Cocktails feature an expertly-crafted blend of premium Bols spirits and liqueurs, with 100% natural flavors and no preservatives. The magic of each blend was created by centuries of craftsmanship, years of careful research and development and inspiration by bartenders around the world. This fall, consumers are invited to recreate the magic of cocktails at home with The Magic Four Bols Cocktails:

  • Bols Margarita Azul: Tangy & Refreshing 14.9% alc/vol
  • Bols Espresso Martini: Rich & Smooth 14.9% alc/vol
  • Bols Red Light Negroni: Bittersweet & Complex 21.9% alc/vol
  • Bols Very Old Fashioned: Aromatic & Intense 30% alc/vol

Huub van Doorne, CEO Lucas Bols: “The World’s First Cocktail Brand Bols wants to help consumers bring the magic of cocktails home. Our Ready to Enjoy Bols Cocktails are crafted by expert bartenders with our famous Bols liqueurs, vodka, and genever. We prioritized superior quality, convenience and sustainable packaging to revolutionize the cocktail experience at home. Our Bols Cocktail Tubes illustrate our leading position in the development of the global cocktail market.”

The Bols Ready to Enjoy 200ml Tube debuts fall 2021 in the US (SRP $6.99) and in Bols’ home country the Netherlands. 375ml bottles will be available exclusively in the US (SRP $12.99) and 700ml bottles will be available in the Netherlands. Confirmed US retailers include Total Wine, Hy-Vee, Winn Dixie, and more. To further simplify home-tainment, Bols Ready to Enjoy Cocktails will also be available on the web-shop for home delivery across the US and the Netherlands. Bols Ready to Enjoy Cocktails will be launched in other markets soon thereafter.

[1] Source: IWSR

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