Lone Star Brewing Announces the Debut of the Brand’s First-Ever Agave Hard Seltzers

Lone Star Brewing is excited to announce Lone Star Agave Seltzers, refreshing hard seltzers inspired by beloved Texas ingredients and local taste profiles. The new beverages will be available in stores throughout Texas in two flavors, Agave Lime and Agave Watermelon, starting in April of this year. The refreshing beverages are made with Texans in mind and are best paired with fun Texas activities; by the pool, on the lake, or your favorite porch or patio – wherever you find enjoyment in the land of Texas.

Brewed locally in Austin, TX  with a high quality sucrose base, the 5% ABV seltzer is enhanced with blue agave nectar that provides a crisp, balanced and distinct drinking experience. Lone Star Agave Seltzers are the ultimate Texas hard seltzers made with locally-minded natural fruit flavors. Lone Star Seltzer’s Agave Lime flavor has a light, natural citrus twang that complements the sweetness of the blue agave nectar. The Agave Watermelon seltzer embodies the light sweetness of the watermelon, making it perfect for Texas’ mild spring and hot summer seasons.

“There’s a clear demand for quality hard seltzers, so we’re excited to break into the market with flavor profiles that are both refreshing and have an essential Texas quality to them,” said Lone Star Brand Manager Daniel Crawford. “This is a proudly Texas product, with locally minded ingredients for modern taste palates, perfect for all Texans who enjoy easy drinking beverages and socializing outdoors in our beautiful state. This is just the beginning of our Texas Seltzer exploration. We have some really fun flavors & concepts in the works.”

Both flavors of Lone Star Agave Seltzer will be available for purchase in six-packs of 12 oz. sleek cans. The Agave Lime flavor is also available in a 19.2 oz. single-serve can. The six-packs will retail for the suggested price of $8.99, while the Agave Lime single serve will retail for $2.79. Lone Star Agave Seltzer is a refreshing option at just 100 calories for its 12 oz. can, with only 2g carbs and 1g sugar.

To celebrate the launch of Lone Star Agave Seltzers, Lone Star is teaming up with Cowboy Pools, a full-service stock tank pool company based in Austin, who creates unique oases in Texas backyards by reimagining the classic stock tank for outdoor enjoyment. Lone Star will be giving away and installing 5 stock tanks that are perfect to combat the common native enemy, “The Texas Heat.” This giveaway program will run in select retailers throughout the state, and on Lone Star’s own social Media channel. The in store portion of the giveaways are slated to begin in May, with the instagram giveaway rolling out sometime this summer.

To find a nearby retailer carrying Lone Star Seltzer, consumers can use Lone Star’s seltzer finder tool on its website. Lone Star Seltzer will be available at select retailers starting this month including Walmart and Albertsons, Quick Trip, Circle K and HEB slated for May. Stay tuned for more information and follow along on Lone Star’s Instagram and Facebook

About Lone Star Brewing Company
Lone Star Brewing Co., the makers of Lone Star Beer “The National Beer of Texas” and Lone Star Texas Light Beer, has been proudly brewing beer in Texas since 1884. Since its founding, Lone Star has partnered with local communities throughout the state, supporting Texas-specific charities and organizations. Lone Star Brewing Co. is owned by Pabst Brewing Company, one of the largest independently owned American brewing companies. For more information on any Lone Star product, please visit www.lonestarbeer.com.

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