Limited-Time Return of Dogfish Head’s Fermentation Engastration

Fermentation Engastration

With the holiday season just around the corner, I’m excited to share that Dogfish Head is bringing back Fermentation Engastration, the “Turducken” of the beer world, for a limited time! Starting tomorrow, Saturday, Nov. 5, drinkers nationwide* will be able to snag a 500ml bottle (only 100 up for grabs!) of Fermentation Engastration, packaged in a beautifully designed, collectible box, at We’ll drop 50 bottles tomorrow and another 50 bottles on Saturday, Nov. 12. Priced at $25 each.

Originally released in May in collaboration with Gastro Obscura, Fermentation Engastration is a first-of-its-kind craft beer experiment brewed with barley, spelt, muscat grape juice concentrate, flaked rice, apple juice concentrate, honey rice syrup, date syrup, yeast, hops and rose petals. At 10% ABV, Fermentation Engastration draws inspiration from a collection of complex fermented beverages – a rose-scented sake, a Mid-Atlantic honey and date mead, a bittersweet hard cider, a fruity Muscat wine and a rustic farmhouse ale – to create one eccentric beverage unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.

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