Home Events LIBERATI Restaurant & Brewery Invites Beer Enthusiasts to Uncharted Territories with ‘Tastemaker Days’ During GABF
LIBERATI Restaurant & Brewery Invites Beer Enthusiasts to Uncharted Territories with ‘Tastemaker Days’ During GABF

LIBERATI Restaurant & Brewery Invites Beer Enthusiasts to Uncharted Territories with ‘Tastemaker Days’ During GABF


LIBERATI Restaurant & Brewery invites beer aficionados and enthusiasts of all levels to scientifically taste and compare sets of unique brews at ‘Tastemaker Days’ during the Great American Beer Fest (GABF) in Denver Oct. 3 – 6.  

LIBERATI is leading the way in the production of oenobeers and is the only brewery in the world solely dedicated to the production of this un-studied brew category, which incorporates wine grapes from all over the world in the fermentation process, to create a new and unique beverage. This involves a rare amount of research, studies and trials, that patrons can now see and enjoy firsthand. 

Thanks to the collaboration with some of the world’s most prominent yeast, hops and grape growers, each day during GABF, LIBERATI will present a set of eight test beers. Each set will isolate one organoleptic characteristic of one specific ingredient (yeast, grapes, hops, etc.), while keeping all other parameters nominal. In this way the taster can fully appreciate the difference between the compared different strains of yeast used, or the different varietals of grapes, and so on. The public is invited to taste the eight variations each day in a special flight for $16, or with single tasters for $2.50. There will be detailed information about the beer sets on the tasting slips provided. 

Each day, those who participate will be entered to win a voucher for 42 oenobeers to be shared with friends at LIBERATI. 

The Tastemaker Days schedule is as follows:


    Brews brewed with eight different strains of Kviek, the revolutionary Norwegian Farmhouse family of yeasts.
    These yeast cultures from Propagate Labs in Colorado have been used in traditional farmhouse brewing in Norway dating back to the early 20th century. The strains ferment in record time and at record temperatures, opening new worlds for beer production. Some strains are clean, and others are rustic providing ample opportunity for vastly different profiles across the strains. Examples of the yeasts that will be used include Aurland, a yeast found dried in a storehouse on Per Stundal’s farm, which produces an unusual yet pleasant fruity flavor, and Hornidal, a yeast which was obtained by Terje Raftevold from Olav Sverre Gausemel in the 1990s and has a soft milky caramel flavor with musky, mushroom and tropical notes.

    Oenobeers brewed with four different strains of Brettanomyces, four with Chardonnay and four with Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.
    Brettanomyces is a wild family of yeasts grown by Propagate Labs, which is not used to ferment common beer. There are many strains available and LIBERATI and Propagate Labs have selected four to brew eight different beers – four which utilize Chardonnay grapes and four which incorporate Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Examples of the brett strains that will be used include MIP-713, which was isolated by the “Yeast Whisperer” at Propagate Labs from an all-brett Belgian brewery; and MIP-720, a classic strain used for secondary fermentation in Belgian-style ales and English old ales. These yeasts produce a unique barnyard-like aroma when paired with other phenolic yeasts, and it will be interesting to compare the diversity between the same brett strains on beers made with different grapes.

    Oenobeers brewed with grapes selected in collaboration with renowned grape grower Peter Brehm, and with Viking Malt imported and supplied by Olin Schultz.

Peter Brehm is a prominent grape grower and a pioneer in the techniques of grape distribution logistics. Olin Schultz has shaped the pro-am world of high-quality ingredients, equipment and supplies for wine, beer and many other fermented beverages. Each oenobeer will be brewed with Viking Malt, and  fermented with 49% of a different varietal of wine grape, resulting in a set that allows the taster to explore and compare side by side the complex nuances and flavors of the different varietals. Grapes will include Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Grigio, Mosier Syrah, Gruner Veltner, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese.


    Single hop ales brewed with eight different varietals of Hophead Farms hops

Each of these ales will be brewed with a different varietal of new and experimental hops from Hophead Farms in Michigan including Wolf, Grungeist, Dragon, Fox, Zuper Saazer, Hüll Melon, Cashmere, Mandarina. These hop forward pale ales will be strongly characterized by the hop character, being hoped at an absolutely impressive rate, and they will be available all day, starting with Liberati’s Brunch at 11AM

LIBERATI Restaurant & Brewery is located 2403 Champa St. in Denver, Colorado. For more information, follow LIBERATI on Facebook and Instagram.  

About LIBERATI Restaurant & Brewery

LIBERATI Restaurant & Brewery is the vision of Italian restaurateur and brewer Alex Liberati. Located in Denver’s Curtis Park neighborhood, LIBERATI is the only brewery in the world solely dedicated to the production of oenobeers – a beer/wine hybrid with every beer using grapes in its fermentation, presenting a new range of flavors, textures and tastes for guests to explore. Home to 50 taps and a full bar, LIBERATI also serves the finest casual Italian pastas, sandwiches, charcuterie, gelato and more, all made from scratch. The large brewery is elegant, airy, and bright, with several stunning indoor and outdoor event spaces, making it an ideal venue for celebrations of any size. Alex Liberati relocated to Denver in 2016 and opened his restaurant and brewery in 2018, but his roots in unique brews and delicious food began in his hometown of Rome, Italy. His first brewery, Revelation Cat, located in the UK, challenged Italian palates with bold, powerful beers unheard of in Italy at the time and he also founded one of the first great craft beer multi-taps in Italy, Brasserie 4:20, along with several other restaurant and pubs. He also imported and distributed beer sourced from around Italy and beyond, and Brasserie 4:20, to this day, stands out as one of Italy’s best pubs.

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