La Adelita Tequila Launches the La Adelita Army For National Tequila Day

La Adelita Tequila is a portfolio of five truly exquisite expressions of tequilas (Blanco, Reposado, Anejo, Cristalino, and Extra Anejo), made in a partnership of generational distillers and cult wine & spirit artisans and named in honor of the courageous woman who epitomized the spirit and will of the female warriors who fought in the Mexican Revolution.

In the spirit of the legendary Adelita warriors, La Adelita Tequila is banding together to support today’s revolutionaries and heroes. Celebrating their brand heritage and highlighting all hard working women who are the fiber of America holding our families together. La Adelita is searching for great mixologists, sommeliers and chefs who emulate the ideas of La Adelita. Learn more about our modern day revolutionaries here and follow along on their social media channels to see the impact they are making today. Please reach out to La Adelita via DM @LaAdelitaTequila.

Adhering to timeless techniques, the agave are individually selected by hand from single estates located in the heart of the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico and distilled at the Hacienda La Capilla which was established circa 1885. La Adelita is one of the very few tequilas where every aspect of its production is directed by the founders and partners. Crafted like a fine cult wine, beginning with the viticulture, hand-harvested by its jimadors, La Adelita is then double-distilled in 100-year-old Cuban copper pot stills. Every aspect is precisely carried out to ensure the true essence of the agave is reflected.

La Adelita is available at wine & spirit stores, restaurants, and online at Suggested retail prices are: La Adelita Blanco – $41.99; La Adelita Reposado – $47.99; La Adelita Anejo – $52.99; La Adelita Black Anejo Cristalino – $74.99; and La Adelita Extra Anejo – $99.99.