On Black Friday (November 29th) at Noon, Jester King will release Jester King More Dots — barrel aged wild ale refermented with black currants!

To make More Dots, Jester King created a blend of Jester King Das Überkind with an average age of around one year. Das Überkind is their un-fruited barrel aged wild ale brewed with well water, local grain, and aged hops, and fermented with their mixed culture of brewers yeast and native yeast and bacteria. Jester King racked Das Überkind out of oak barrels and into a stainless steel tank, then refermented the blend with 2,000 pounds of black currants from Samson Farms in Everson, Washington! After the fruit refermentation reached total dryness, Jester King packaged the beer into bottles and kegs for natural conditioning / refermentation.

More Dots is 5.8% alcohol by volume, 10 IBU, 3.1 pH, and has a finishing gravity of 1.004 (1 Plato). It will be released when the Jester King kitchen and tasting room open at Noon on Friday, November 29th (Black Friday). They have about 2,300 bottles available (500ml/$20) with bottle limit of four. More Dots will only be available at Jester King aside from special events. Cheers!


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