Home Events Japanese Craft Beer Invites America to ‘Drink in a New Language’
Japanese Craft Beer Invites America to ‘Drink in a New Language’

Japanese Craft Beer Invites America to ‘Drink in a New Language’


The Japan Food Product Overseas Promotion Center (JFOODO), which represents seventeen of Japan’s top craft breweries now distributing in the U.S., invites consumers to ‘Drink in a New Language’ and discover the distinct beers from these acclaimed brewers.

This past fall, Japanese Craft Beer hosted its first tasting events on the West Coast that attracted attention from the industry’s foremost experts on craft beer. Now through the end of February consumer-focused events themed as “Japanese Craft Beer Week” will be held at restaurants, pubs and beer bars in the Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Portland areas.

These experiential events offer special opportunities to discover craft beers from Japan with flavors and ingredients that are uniquely Japanese: Matcha, yuzu, Japanese chestnuts, sweet potato, umami-packed bonito flakes and more. Beers brewed in the style of traditional sake-making are also included.

Participating venues are featuring selections of fifteen beers from six of the Japanese breweries including: Miyazaki Hideji Beer, Kizakura, Karuizawa Brewery, DHC Beer Co., YOHO Brewing Company and COEDO Brewery. Beer fans are encouraged to try all fifteen beers by attending tasting events at the various venues.

Harajuku Taproom in the Los Angeles area was the leading venue offering a specialized menu paired with beers such as Kizakura’s Kyoto Beer Matcha IPA, Miyazaki Hideji Beer’s Kuri-Kuro Dark Chestnut Ale, and Yoho Brewing’s Suiyoubi No Neko. The campaign was a huge success for the attendees that came out to sample these fascinating Japanese craft beers.

The campaign continues today through February 29 with four venues operated by USA YAKYUDORI Inc. in the San Diego area. Locations include HINOTEZ Japanese Restaurant, YAKYUDORI Japanese Yakitori Bar, TAISHO Japanese Sake Bar and YAKITORI HINO. Each is featuring different beer menu, so be sure to visit them all to try as many beers as possible.

HINOTEZ Japanese Restaurant
7947 Balboa Ave, San Diego, CA

YAKYUDORI Japanese Yakitori Bar
4898 Convoy Street #101, San Diego, CA

TAISHO Japanese Sake Bar
5185 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA

7420 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA

Be sure to follow Japanese Craft Beer on Facebook and Instagram to receive announcements on the latest venues and tasting events, and to learn about the participating breweries and their distinguished Japanese beer.

Facebook: @JapaneseCraftBeerEN
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