Sometimes you have to stick to what you know best and for Iron Fist Brewmaster Tom Garcia, that’s certainly the starting point for the Iron Fist’s latest release, Catalina’s Revenge. After several months of brewing more European inspired brews and with an APA next up in the brewing schedule, Garcia decided to celebrate the brewery’s roots and pay homage to a California classic, the West Coast Pale Ale.

Catalina’s Revenge is a hop-forward Pale Ale, brewed with crystal dark malts, magnum for bittering and Citra for aroma and whirlpool, this beer is a true West Coast champion. The beer was brewed using the traditional infusion method, but the bitterness was balanced with malty caramel undertones. To enhance the hop aroma, Citra was added at different intervals, but though the ABV is higher than most Pale Ales, the beer was not dry hopped.

“It really goes to bat for team Pale Ale rather than team IPA.” says Garcia. “a great summer beer and it was a great opportunity to use Citra Hops in a slightly malty beer to create a unique flavor profile. Sometimes you just need to make beer flavored beer. Straight to the point, hops, water, barley, yeast. We are very excited to make a classic pale ale with a few new interpretations. Cheers to real beer.“


Appearance: Golden copper with a full head.

Aroma: citrus, floral, with mild tropical dankness.

Flavor: Mild bitterness followed by notes of caramel and biscuit. Citrus rind with dank fruit hop overtones.

Mouthfeel: Med bodied with a dry finish. Med high Carbonation and a full head.

Iron Fist Brewing Company started as a family passion for the best hand crafted beer in the world. Founded in 2010 and still residing in Vista, San Diego County, we have a style steeped in tradition with a healthy thirst for experimentation that finds us constantly collaborating and concocting limited brews alongside our main line up. Our vision is to continue to experiment with our brewing using traditional methods (and a little madness) to create new all time classics that will rule your taste for years to come.


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