iPourIt Self-Pour Technology Enters the New Year with a New Look

iPourIt, Inc. has been the nation’s leading provider of self-serve beverage dispense technology since 2012, partnering with entrepreneurs and business owners to give patrons the freedom to pour their own beer, wine, and more.

Today the company announced the launch of its fully refreshed branding with an all-new logo, colors, and fonts.

“Our business is undergoing big changes as we scale with the growth of the self-pour market,” said Darren Nicholson, VP Sales & Marketing, iPourIt. “The rebranding represents that evolution and helps solidify our identity and messaging as we move into another transformative year.”

iPourIt’s updated branding has a fresh and vibrant look and reflects the company’s continuous focus, innovation, and commitment to supporting the self-pour market and its growth. The brand’s new voice characterizes iPourIt as friendly, dependable, wise, and inspired.

The primary logo embodies the brand’s tech-forward, trailblazer roots, featuring bold new colors, circuit board style elements, and the new tagline, “Tap into Tech.”

These changes come at a time when the company is continuing to expand, installing self-pour systems in a variety of business concepts including taproom, dining, hospitality, grocery, and entertainment venues.

“Refreshing the iPourIt brand is an exciting way to start a new year and a new chapter for self-pour as we continue to see more interest in the technology,” said Carl Mostert, CEO, iPourIt. “iPourIt is a modern, tech-savvy company and the new branding tells that story.”

With iPourIt technology, patrons can use wristbands to activate draft beverage taps and pour themselves beer, wine, mixed drinks, and more. The concept offers a fun, exciting alternative to traditional beverage service, reduces wait time, and simplifies labor needs for operators.

Visit http://www.pouritinc.com for more information.