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GrowlerWerks Launches New Carbonated Growler

GrowlerWerks Launches New Carbonated Growler


GrowlerWerks, maker of the world’s #1 beer growler, is back at it again. This month, they are launching the uKeg GO—the most convenient, most affordable, most “go anywhere” carbonated growler ever. It has all the convenience of top hydro bottles, but with added capabilities for preserving and dispensing carbonated drinks like beer, seltzer and kombucha. One look at the attached picture may have you asking: why would anyone settle for using a Hydro Flask?

The uKeg GO’s patented carbonation system keeps beverages fresh and carbonated for up to two weeks, and the insulated vessel ensures drinks stay cold all day long. The streamlined design and lightweight, durable construction make it ideal for life on-the-go. Throw it in your backpack, perch it on your paddle board, or strap it to your bike rack and voilà—your favorite beverage is always on tap!

The uKeg GO starts shipping in late February, but pre-orders are available now on the GrowlerWerks website. With the craft beverage industry booming, this is sure to be a go-to piece of gear for all of life’s adventures. 

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