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Genesee Brewing brings back Ruby Red Kolsch

Genesee Brewing brings back Ruby Red Kolsch


Editor’s Note: Genesee Brewing is greater than 25% owned by Florida Ice & Farm Company


One of summer’s most anticipated beers is back and there’s even more to enjoy across new markets. Genesee’s limited-edition Ruby Red Kolsch was first released in 2018 and quickly sold out. The German-style brew was met with excitement across social media and throughout upstate New York prompting multiple additional releases later last summer.

Ruby Red Kolsch created a beer fan craze we didn’t expect when we first released it,” said Janine Schoos, brand director, Genesee. “All year we’ve gotten requests to bring it back from thousands of comments on social media to dozens of calls to the brewery and even DIY beer trackers. Now, we’ve worked with our wholesalers to deliver.”

According to Wright Beverage, the brewery is better prepared to meet growing consumer demand. “Genesee continues to increase in popularity with both its flagship beers and innovations like Ruby Red Kolsch. Following last year’s success, we’ve geared up for another big launch,” said Neil Burley, brand manager for Wright Beverage. “Our role is to work with our customers, retailers, bars and restaurants to understand the demand and anticipate need. We’re ready to get Ruby Red Kolsch into even more hands.”

Genesee has expanded this highly anticipated beer release from four batches in 2018 to nine this summer. In addition to New YorkVirginia and PennsylvaniaRuby Red Kolsch will be available across OhioConnecticutMichiganNew Jersey and additional markets as demand continues to grow.  

About Ruby Red Kolsch

Ruby Red Kolsch is a refreshing, bright-golden ale boasting tart grapefruit flavors. With a bready malt body and mild hop bitterness, this mouthwatering ale is crisp and delicious. Genesee Brew House Brewmaster Dean Jones created this summer brew for its German heritage and fun taste profile.

Ruby Red Kolsch will begin shipping April 15. For more information visit: https://www.geneseebeer.com/beer/genesee-kolsch/

Here is a fun announcement video from the brewery:


About Genesee Brewing Company

Established in 1878, the Genesee Brewery—New York state’s oldest brewery—makes the classic Genesee line of beers, Cream Ale and the Original Honey Brown Lager, as well as Seagram’s Escapes. For more information, visit www.geneseebeer.com

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