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Gathering Place Brewing Releases 3 New Beers In Cans Plus 2 Favorites

Gathering Place Brewing Releases 3 New Beers In Cans Plus 2 Favorites


Gathering Place Brewing is releasing three new beers in cans, plus two favorites, increasing its canned offerings to 14 beers. The new cans, available in 4-packs of 16 oz cans, will be released on Saturday, May 23 from 2-6 pm in the taproom.

Asked why Gathering Place opted to release these specific beers, Joe Yeado, Gathering Place’s founder explains, “COVID-19 has presented challenges, but we have to continue innovating and creating new beers and flavors to keep our customers satisfied. These new beers are unique and flavorful in their own right and will be perfect as we transition to warmer weather.”

The demand for unique and flavorful beers like these is strong. “We first brewed #shoehaze last spring and it sold out in a few weeks,” recalls Yeado. “We made another batch last summer and it was also gone in weeks. It’s a fantastically flavorful, easy-drinking beer and we wanted to bring it back in cans for the summertime.”

Beer Release Details:

#shoehaze (4.6% ABV/ 30 IBU), an Oat Pale Ale with an overwhelming volume of El Dorado & Cascade hops, a mild bitterness obscured by the addition of flaked oats, and a lush distortion of dryness creates an ethereal mixture of hops, malt, yeast, and water.

Slightly Askew (NEW) (4.6% ABV/ 18 IBU), an unfiltered Helles Lager with flavors of toasted bread and hints of citrus and red berries from the Saphir hops resulting in a pleasing malty finish.

Coffee Pale Ale(NEW) (5.4% ABV/ 48 IBU), a Pale Ale with Coffee that’s generously dry-hopped with El Dorado hops giving tropical and stone fruits aromas. Complemented by gingerbread sweetness and strawberry notes from Muungano coffee from our friends at Kickapoo Coffee.

180 Gram Vinyl (NEW) (4.9% ABV/ 20 IBU), a Porter brewed with lactose has the soft intricacies of a Milk Stout with the chocolate, roasty, and subtle fruit flavors of an American Porter.

Arrivederci Roma (5.2% ABV/ 32 IBU), an Italian Pilsner with a soft, pillowy feel that has pleasing aromas of spice and lemon zest complemented by a moderate bitterness and maltiness.


#shoehaze and Arrivederci Roma will be available at the brewery and through its distribution network. Slightly Askew, Coffee Pale Ale, and 180 Gram Vinyl will only be available in limited quantities from the brewery.

Customers can purchase these beers online starting Friday, May 22 at 9 a.m. with pick up starting Saturday, May 23 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Visit Gathering Place Brewing’s online shop to order for pickup or visit the taproom to order beer-to-go. For curbside service, call the taproom at (414) 635-0569. Give them your name and they’ll bring the order to your car.

For more information: https://www.gatheringplacebrewing.com/shop

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/679789189489214/


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