FitVine Wine Introduces North Coast Cabernet Reserve

FitVine Wine, the maker of delicious, low-sugar, full bodied wines, is introducing the brand’s new North Coast Cabernet Reserve. The silky smooth, high-quality Cabernet from the grapes of California’s North Coast is now available online on FitVine Wine was created for people who want to enjoy a balanced lifestyle filled with fun, fitness, relaxation, and of course, really good wine.

“Our North Coast Cabernet Reserve is a very special addition to the FitVine family of wines,” said Tom Beaton, CEO and co-founder of FitVine Wine. “There are two factors that impact the flavor of wine: the grapes and the fermentation process. The grapes for this new variety come from the North Coast of California. They are picked at the perfect moment and go through the same fermentation process as our other varietals. We take an ‘old world wine’ approach and ferment our wines for as long as possible to get deep flavor while reducing residual sugar. That’s how we get them to taste so good while maintaining low sugar content, no flavor additives, and only the good stuff!”

FitVine Wine is a pioneer of the better-for-you (BFY) wine category. Nevertheless, it could be said that the brand is in a category of its own. FitVine Wine is full-bodied and full-alcohol like traditional wines but contains no flavor additives and is processed to be gluten-free and is 100% vegan. So FitVine can really play to both sides of the coin and be enjoyed by people who like the flavor of traditional wines but want a wine that has no flavor additives and is transparent with their nutritional label. It’s a win-win for wine lovers!

“Our new North Coast Cabernet Reserve is no exception to our really good, low-sugar, no-nonsense wines for people who want a high-quality, less pretentious wine at a good price,” said Mark Warren, president and co-founder of FitVine Wine. “Our fans know that our wine contains the best possible ingredients and is crafted with the cleanest possible process. People deserve a good wine. That’s why we do what we do.”

Order your new favorite wine online on (Continental U.S.). The SRP for FitVine’s new North Coast Cabernet Reserve is $19.99.

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