Firestone Walker’s Hopnosis Is New School Expression To West Coast IPA

Raymond Co-Founder / Editor-in-Chief

Over the last 15 years, the Firestone Walker brewing team have developed countless new techniques and have acquired an arsenal of favorite hops for the whole purpose of IPA brewing; giving birth to a new school expression to the always favorite West Coast IPA style. The moniker for this creation is Hopnosis.

ABV: 6.7% | IBU: 55 | Color: 5

Hopnosis is extravagantly double dry hopped with hops from New Zealand and the Pacific Northwest, Idaho 7 and Nelson… but at the center of it all is Mosaic Cryo Hops®.

Cryo Hops® are made by collecting the concentrated lupulin from whole-leaf hops, which contain the resins for bitterness and aromatic oils. The pure character of these hops allows Firestone Walker to add them to the beer during the initial stages of fermentation without picking up any wily or vegetative notes. And by adding them early, they achieve a biotransformation of expressive flavor active compounds, resulting in intense tropical hop flavors with ultra-smooth integration.

Hopnosis 1

Firestone Walker has succeeded in evoking all the positive qualities of one of America’s favorite taste with HOPNOSIS. You can say that Hopnosis is the grandson of Union Jack, a west coast IPA Firestone Walker introduced back in 2007. This beer reflects concepts learned while developing the Luponic Distortion revolving IPA series and the Mind Haze family of IPAs. . The result is Hopnosis, a beer that reflects every step in quest to master the West Coast IPA style.

At first look, Hopnosis pour as a bright golden yellow liquid with a pearl white head that lingers for a while, leaving a nice lace as it dissipates. Soon after my nose is engulfed with the sweet smell of tropical fruit. Mango takes the helm as the primary fallowed by hints of grapes and passionfruit, all wrapped up nicely in a familiar IPA aroma.

The feeling is like traveling to different galaxies at the speed of light, we understand this is a feeling Humans cannot comprehend but please believe me when we tell you, Hopnosis it’s out of this world.

With a full-bodied and explosively tropical IPA flavors, Hopnosis will make you question everything you know about West Coast IPAs.

If you are someone or if you know someone who claims they don’t like IPAs, I guarantee that Hopnosis will become their favorite one. We have tested this on humans that claim the same story, however, they had a change of heart. Or maybe, they were Hopnotized by flavor?



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