Firestone Walker Cinnamon Dolce Nitro Stout Beer Review

Cinnamon Dolce 1
Philipp Fechtig Writer / Reviewer
  • Brewery: Firestone Walker Brewing Company, California Origin: United States of America
  • Tested: 12/08/2021
  • Object: 1 can 12 fl oz (355ml)
  • ALC.: 6.0% alc. by vol.
  • Beer type: Nitro Stout
  • Color: Black
  • Head: weak, small
  • Smell: vanilla, coffee
  • Taste: coffee, vanilla, cinnamon and chocolate

Bottom Line/ Conclusion:

The Firestone Cinnamon Dolce Nitro Stout is a beer, which doesn’t taste like a beer at all. I’d rather consider it a coffee 👽 . It has strong notes of coffee, vanilla and cinnamon and tastes some kind of sweet. Nothing really reminds me of the typical beer taste and it’s hard to find any hint of grains, hops or yeast. Even though I personally prefer a simple Lager or Pilsener (I love the taste of a plain beer – without fancy ingredients or any other distractions), I have to say that I can see myself drinking this festive beer after a day in the snow and sitting in front of a fireplace. Maybe you wanna try warming it up a little and let it warm you up from inside. If you love the combination of a strong coffee and a sweet desert (like tiramisu) you should definitely check out this beer. Perfect after a long day in the cold, coming back home and listening to some classic Holiday songs. ENJOY!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS