Falls City Brewing Co. in Louisville, KY launched a new ad campaign featuring the brand’s beloved mascot, CanMan.  The previous mascot for the brand was BottleMan and they used the ad to connect the company’s past with the present.  Future commercials will chronicle the wacky adventures of CanMan and his friends.



For more on the campaign, CLICK HERE

About Falls City Brewing:

Back in 1905, a ragtag group of local grocers and tavern owners teamed up in Louisville, KY to start a brewery and fight a big beer monopoly.  With that, Falls City Beer was born! We’ve had our ups and downs since 1905, but that rebellious spirit lives on today as we encourage folks to come together, stand up and drink good beer!

Today, you can find our beer throughout Kentucky, Indiana and parts of Tennessee. We offer a variety of beers in package and draft including our Classic Pilsner, Hipster Repellant IPA, English-Style Pale Ale, Streetlamp Porter and a group of rotating seasonals and small batch items available at our taproom.


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