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Dragon’s Milk Expands Distribution to Two New States

Dragon’s Milk Expands Distribution to Two New States


To satisfy ever-growing demand from craft beer enthusiasts throughout the country, New Holland Brewing Company recently announced it has tapped new two more markets for distribution of its flagship brew—Dragon’s Milk Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout. Following a brand refresh and amidst its new ongoing storytelling project, Share A Legend, the stout has expanded into Louisiana and Arkansas, growing New Holland Brewing’s distribution footprint to 40 states.

Recognized for creativity and artistry, New Holland Brewing Company’s Dragon’s Milk stout exemplifies the brewery’s commitment to craftmanship. Taking months to brew, the recipe is available year-round and boasts flavorful, rich, robust characteristics that also lend themselves to unique Reserve seasonal flavor combinations.

“Dragon’s Milk is the top selling craft stout and continues to defy category sales trends,” said Joel Petersen, Vice President of Sales for New Holland Brewing Company. “We’ve been bottling Dragon’s Milk for 17 years and continue to attract new fans who appreciate the complex flavors of this beer, much like they experience with wine or spirits.”

Dragon’s Milk is 11 percent alcohol by volume and was designed around the subtle oak flavors afforded by the Kentucky Bourbon barrels it’s aged within. The stout is released on draft and in single 22-ounce bottles and 4-packs of 12-ounce bottles.

“Synonymous with its name, Dragon’s Milk has become its own legend because of the time-intensive way its brewed and the rich, nuanced flavors it delivers,” said Brett VanderKamp, President of New Holland Brewing Company. “What’s special about Dragon’s Milk is its ability to drive interpersonal connection around the table, which is where our fans’ personal legends are passed down over time. It’s more than a beer, it’s a catalyst for powerful storytelling.”

Each year, New Holland Brewing Company releases four limited edition Dragon’s Milk Reserves flavors. Known for innovation and a unique twist on the traditional beverage. Currently, S’mores and Orange Chocolate can be found at retail.

Dragon’s Milk began its open-ended storytelling project, #ShareALegend, in October, inviting fans to share their personal tales that are best told over the stout. To share your story for the chance to win prizes or to learn more about Dragon’s Milk, visit www.DragonsMilk.com and @DragonsMilkStout on Instagram.  

About New Holland Brewing Company
For more than 20 years, New Holland Brewing Company has been an integral member of the artisan approach, pursuing playful creativity in its authentic beer, spirits and foodservice. New Holland believes the notion of craft lives in fostering rich experiences for customers, including at its two brewpubs in Grand Rapids and Holland, Michigan. New Holland brews at least 20 beers each year, in addition to their flagship stout, Dragon’s Milk™, a full line of spirits and ready-to-drink cocktails. New Holland Brewing Co. sells nearly 40,000 barrels of beer annually and 12 types of spirits across 38 states and 4 countries. To learn more, visit www.NewHollandBrew.com.  

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