Divine Barrel Brewing releasing 3 new beers Nov 5 including collab with Kings Brewing

It’s a triple can release this Thursday, and Divine Barrel Brewing can promise you’re not going to want to miss this one! They’re dropping two awesome collaboration beers, as well as a new stout! Divine Barrel Brewing will have each beer available on draft, and there are NO limits on 4-packs!

Meet “Versed in Bird Law“, a dangerously crushable West Coast DIPA brewed with their pals at Cushwa Brewing Company. “We’re Out of Coffee, James” is a crushable Oatmeal Stout with a special blend of coffee Divine Barrel worked on with their friends at Magnolia Coffee Company using a coffee called Glide. Finally, you all know Divine Barrel’s beloved “Ice Cream Paint Job“… it’s an OG pastry sour of theirs. Well, Divine Barrel teamed up with their friends at Kings Brewing Company, who have an ICPJ (Ice Cream Paint Job) of their own, and created a fun and new version. The two versions are completely different than one another’s, so make sure you hit up your friends out in LA to get the Kings version too.

Versed in Bird Law: West Coast Double IPA, 9.3% abv, 110 IBUs – Brewed and hopped with Mosaic, Citra, El Dorado & Amarillo.
$16.99 + tax per 4-pack

We’re Out of Coffee, James: Oatmeal Stout, 5.4% ABV – Brewed with Glide coffee from Magnolia Coffee Company.
$14.99 + tax per 4-pack

Ice Cream Paint Job: Pastry Berliner, 4.8% ABV – Brewed with loads of peach, blackberry, vanilla and lactose.
$16.99 + tax per 4-pack

For more information about Divine Barrel Brewing, visit: http://divinebarrel.com/

For more information about Kings Brewing, visit: https://www.kingsbrewingco.com/