Curtis Celebrates 80 Years of Coffee Innovation

curtis logo | Devils River Whiskey

The Wilbur Curtis Company—one of the world’s leading commercial coffee brewing manufacturers—is celebrating its 80th anniversary, commemorating eight decades of superior coffee brewing.

The Curtis brand was launched in 1941 in a small Hollywood, California, facility. On a mission to create the perfect cup of coffee, Curtis quickly built a reputation for excellence in manufacturing coffee brewing equipment. Fueled by a growing line of products and successful sales, Curtis soon expanded with commercial accounts across the country. Through the brand’s constant quest for helping customers make a more satisfying cup of coffee, the company grew into a thriving multi-million-dollar operation with customers around the world.

Attracted by the company’s impressive growth and stellar reputation, Groupe SEB acquired Curtis in early 2019. The union gave tech-savvy Curtis a fresh infusion of innovation, advanced engineering expertise, and even greater access to international markets. This acquisition has propelled the brand to the thriving foodservice manufacturing operation it is today.

“Curtis has a longstanding reputation for producing intelligently-engineered equipment,” says Emmanuel Couppey, Vice President of Marketing at SEB PROFESSIONAL North America. “Additionally, our strong connections to roasters, convenience store owners, foodservice operators and other key industry leaders enhance our global enterprise and potential to deliver the highest quality machines to foodservice channels across the globe.”

Curtis has thrived in a very competitive market by developing robust segment-specific brewing solutions that add greater productivity and profitability to restaurants, convenience stores, high-volume venues and roasters. For virtually any foodservice segment, Curtis provides a full line of intuitive, cost-effective and elegantly-designed systems that are the center of successful beverage programs. These products include the GemX line of satellite batch brewers, the recently introduced GemX Narrow brewer, the intuitive ThermoPro X thermal brewers, PCGT Cappuccino Machines, Iced Tea Brewers and most recently, the Genesis Bean-to-Cup Brewer.