Meet East County Ale! It is brewed with all American ingredients. We used American 2-row and some flaked corn to lighten the body and create a refreshing mouthfeel. Classic Cascade hops were used throughout and we did a light dry hopping to create a nice aroma.

This beer is meant to be enjoyed with friends after a long day at work, outside on the porch, after a ride, at the river, or in our taprooms. 4-pack cans will be available at both tasting rooms starting Thursday, Aug 16th.

A message from Liz Chism, Co-Owner/Head Brewer:

East County has a special place in my heart. I lived in Alpine and helped my dad rebuild homes there after the Cedar fires in 2003 and lived there until I met Curtis in 2009. After Curtis and I got married, we bought a house in Santee and perfected our homebrewing skills.

At our house in Santee we dreamt of starting a brewery, made a business plan, and then sold our house to start Council. Now that we have our Santee brewery and tasting room, we wanted to create a beer that paid homage to where Council started. We didn’t follow any style guidelines, just our heart. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Cheers!

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