Coronado Brewing Introduces Fruit-Forward Hard Seltzer

Over the last year, Coronado Brewing Company has been hard at work, developing and perfecting the recipes behind the company’s first packaged beyond-beer beverage offering. Local patrons who frequent Coronado’s three San Diego Tasting Rooms have had the opportunity to test the R&D seltzers over the past few months on draft and share their opinions. Utilizing feedback from customers and the Coronado brew team, the company landed on three flavors to launch its 12oz citrus variety 12-pack, including Tangerine & Peach, Ginger & Lime, and Strawberry Lemonade.

At 5% ABV, 100 calories, and just 2 grams of sugar, Coronado Hard Seltzer provides drinkers with a super refreshing, light, and flavorful alternative to their full lineup of craft beers. Inspired by the abundance of fresh citrus grown in California, Coronado Hard Seltzer mixed pack features three delicious flavor combinations, full of juicy, fresh-picked fruit flavor. “We wanted to brew a hard seltzer that the whole crew could be proud of,” says Mark Theisen, Head Brewer, Coronado Brewing Company. “We’ve been brewing award-winning beers for 25 years, but that doesn’t guarantee a home run on the first try when brewing seltzer. We started with test batches back in summer 2019 and month after month, we’d roll out new flavors on draft until we landed on the three people really loved.”

What separates Coronado Hard Seltzer from the others is the time spent perfecting their recipes. Instead of launching hastily as alternative beverages quickly gained in popularity in 2019, Coronado Brewing looked to the long-term and decided to spend the time to research, develop, and perfect a seltzer that was low in calories and sugar but didn’t sacrifice anything in craft quality. They taste like real fruit because they use real fruit instead of extracts. While it lends 2 grams of sugar, the real fruits create fresh-picked, super juicy flavor combinations you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

Coronado Brewing Company recently appointed longtime employee, Aidan Kennedy, as the company’s new Director of Marketing. Aidan previously served as the Digital Marketing Manager for the company, and over his six years at Coronado, has shined in several roles within the marketing department.

“Launching a new beyond-beer brand is exciting and a long time coming,” says Kennedy. “Our team has been working on this project for the better part of the last year and a half and to finally see the “fruits” of our labor, it feels great. We differentiated it’s packaging just enough, including vibrantly illustrated fruit, while still utilizing our primary logo, leaning into our 25-years of quality brand recognition.”

The first release of Coronado Hard Seltzer will take place at the company’s three locations on Friday, January 22nd and will be available all over California in February. “When we decided to enter the seltzer space, we felt it would be important to create seltzers that would not only have unique complementary flavor combinations, but that would be created with actual fruit, not extracts, which translate to a more quality product,” says Clinton Smith, CCO, Coronado Brewing Company. “These are seltzers that are flavored for adults, and I’m confident our fans are going to enjoy each offering in the variety pack. Sales data shows that seltzer fans crave variety, and with the majority of seltzer sales being driven through variety 12pks, we wanted to be very targeted with this launch”

Coronado Hard Seltzer will be offered year-round in California in 12oz can mixed 12-packs. Individual flavor 6-packs will also be available at all three of Coronado Brewing’s locations. The Seltzer Variety Packs will begin shipping to distributors throughout California on Jan 22nd. For more information about Coronado Hard Seltzer, visit Stay Coastal. Cheers.

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