Coronado Brewing Company is excited to announce the second installment of its unique two-part collaboration with Belching Beaver Brewery. The two San Diego-based breweries first came together in January to brew Tooth & Tail Hazy IPA—a double dry-hopped New England-style IPA bursting with tropical juiciness. The breweries reunited in March at Coronado’s Bay Park facility to brew Tail & Tooth Hazy IPA. 

Named for the mermaid’s tail and the beaver’s tooth, Tail & Tooth/Tooth & Tail each interpreted the hazy IPA style with unique hop profiles and London III yeast. Belching Beaver’s Tooth & Tail featured a vibrant blend of Mosaic, Idaho 7, Citra and Motueka, while Coronado’s Tail & Tooth showcases Idaho 7, Azacca and El Dorado.

“We knew wanted to each brew a hazy IPA, but with slightly different hop profiles,” says Shawn Steele, Director of Brewery Operations, Coronado Brewing Company. “Tail & Tooth is super juicy and drinks like ripe pineapple. We’re stoked with the results.”

Tail & Tooth Hazy IPA will debut at Coronado Brewing’s three locations on Friday, March 29, in 16oz four-pack cans and on draft. Brewers from Coronado and Belching Beaver will be at Coronado’s main brewery and tasting room this Friday, March 29, from 4-6pm to answer questions about the beer. Tail & Tooth will be available throughout Coronado’s distribution network beginning in April. For more information about this dam coastal collaboration and events planned, visit Stay Coastal. Cheers.

Tail & Tooth IPA Beer Copy:

This beer is dam coastal. Coronado Brewing and Belching Beaver put their tails together and brewed one epic hazy IPA. It’s brewed with a blend of Idaho 7 and Azacca hops for an intensely tropical and piney beer fit for mermaid’s and beavers alike.

Beer Specs:

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