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Cool Beer Brewery now offering beer for a buck

Cool Beer Brewery now offering beer for a buck


Ontario beer drinkers will be a little richer today.  Cool Beer Brewery will be helping beer drinkers save money by offering their award winning Cool Lager beer for a buck a bottle.  Four packs of Cool Lager go on sale today for $4 bucks, in selected LCBO and Beer Store locations. 

“We’ve been busy since Premier Ford’s announcement to lower the minimum selling price of beer to a buck,” says Bobby Crecouzos, Founder and CEO of Cool Brewery.  “We are shipping as much Cool Lager to existing LCBO and Beer stores as we can.  It will take us a few weeks to build up the inventory to expand to more LCBO and Beer Stores across the province,” said Bobby.  Cool’s on-site retail outlet will be fully stocked of Cool Lager 4 packs.  Visitors to the brewery can also take a free self-guided tour.  

Cool appreciates the opportunity to showcase their award winning, all natural Cool Lager. “Selling more beer means creating more jobs,” says Kevin Meens, Corporate Development Officer at Cool.  “While there is a hit to the bottom line, this opportunity will (hopefully) generate a discussion about the high fees and taxes paid by all breweries to sell beer in Ontario,” added Meens. Cool is hoping the government will look into modifying provincial pricing legislation to allow breweries the opportunity to sell their beer (for less) at their brewery. “Every day our customers ask why they can’t buy Cool Beer cheaper when they buy direct from the brewery,” said Kevin.

Cool knows a thing or two about making both mainstream and specialty beers.  Cool has helped over 30 Ontario craft breweries get started by brewing their specialty craft beer for them, until they get their brewery built.  Cool has also brewed over 75 craft beers for breweries across Ontario. Cool will continue to use only the best beer ingredients to carefully craft their beer in small batches. “We would use the same quality ingredients no matter if we sold the beer for a buck or 3 bucks,” says Kevin.


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