$1.4 billion class action lawsuit launched against the Beer Store three years ago has been dismissed by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

“We have always believed this case was completely without merit and now the court has agreed,” said the Beer Store Board Chair Charlie Angelakos. “The case was filled with factual errors and fundamentally misunderstood the way alcohol products are sold in Ontario.”

The sale of alcohol has always been regulated by the Province of Ontario, as is its jurisdiction. Regulations fall under the Liquor Control Act. The Beer Store has always operated according to the rules established by the Province for the regulation, sale and distribution of beer, and continues to do so today.

The plaintiffs have 30 days to commence an appeal.

The lawsuit had alleged that an agreement between the Liquor Control Board of Ontario and the Beer Store resulted in customers in the Ontario province being overcharged. Basically, there were humans who believed that laws were changed to benefit The Beer Store, which is owned by Labatt (which in turn is owned by AB InBev), Molson and Sleeman. We shall see what happens if and when the plaintiffs file an appeal. 

About the Beer Store
The Beer Store offers customers over 800 brands, provided by over 200 brewers. It’s a completely open system that allows any brewer in the world to sell its brand in any Beer Store location it chooses. The Beer Store is also deeply committed to the responsible sale of alcohol. In 2016, over 3.5 million customers were challenged on the basis of their age or intoxication. It is also one of the greenest retailers in the world, collecting around 1.6 billion beer containers and 349 million wine and spirit containers in 2016. The Beer Store is owned by 30 Ontario-based brewers and employs 7,000 hard-working Ontarians. http://www.thebeerstore.ca/

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