Château MIRAVAL’s Most Exclusive Rosé, MUSE DE MIRAVAL

The 2021 vintage sees the release of the fourth limited edition of Château MIRAVAL’s most exclusive rosé, MUSE DE MIRAVAL. This rare and intense wine, available in large bottles only, carries the senses away to the heart of the MIRAVAL estate, revealing its very soul.

Previous editions were produced exclusively in magnums, and this year the 2021 vintage will again be available in this format, but also, for the very first time, in just a small number of very rare jeroboams, heightening the wine’s greatness.
These bottles truly are things of beauty. Each year a different artist embellishes them with a unique design, accentuating the timeless elegance and refinement of MUSE. In 2020, the geometric Art Deco design was inspired by the topography of the vineyard; this year we are treated to the curves of delicate, interconnected, concentric circles that give life to the bottle, like a beating heart.

  • MUSE, the quintessence of MIRAVAL
    Made from an extremely meticulous selection of the Château’s two finest and oldest parcels, MUSE DE MIRAVAL is the estate’s most exclusive rosé, available only in magnums, and, this year, also in a limited number of jeroboams.
    This organic rosé, vinified in egg-shaped, concrete vats and designed for cellaring, is a subtle blend of Grenache and Rolle. With magnificent structure and a profile similar to that of a white Burgundy, the 2021 vintage offers lightly smoky notes with peach, cherry, and mango, combined with creamy honey and spices which intermingle in a long, persistent finish.
    And, like a great work of art, the patina of this immensely elegant rosé will develop superbly over time.
  • An Ode to Lightness and Elegance
    The creative process for MUSE DE MIRAVAL is completely artisanal, right down to the bottles which are entirely hand-made in very limited numbers. For the 2021 edition, the subtle and delicate circles that adorn the bottle evoke both the gentle undulation of Mediterranean waves and the intimacy of a beating heart, paying tribute to the wine’s soulfulness and elegance, and the quality of life unique to MIRAVAL. A jewel of great refinement imbued with life, delicacy, and lightness.

Only 3,000 magnums and 400 jeroboams of MUSE DE MIRAVAL were produced in 2021.