California Cowboy Western-Style Lager Beer & Bourbon Bundle

California Cowboy Whiskey has teamed up with Eagle Rock Brewery to produce a Western-Style Lage Beer and Bourbon Bundle. The Bourbon from California Cowboy Whiskey is 44% ABV (88 proof) and contains a mash bill of 70% Corn 21% Rye 9% Barley. The tasting notes are sweet corn, malt, and vanilla. The California Cowboy Western Style Lager is 4.9% ABV and pairs very well with the sweetness of the bourbon.

California Cowboy Whiskey put in the extra effort and sources directly from Kentucky, USA; the heartland of whiskey. Our whiskeys are aged a minimum of two years in new charred oak barrels. With no added flavors or colors, our straight whiskeys are true to their craft. Inspired by a land of opportunity and good fortune, California Cowboy Whiskey offers high-quality straight whiskeys crafted for those who are persistent, independent, and determined. From the wide open country to high rises in the big city, from hard working ranch hands to fearless entrepreneurs, here’s your chance to take your shot.

We miss heading to our local watering hole for a casual beer and a shot, so we are bringing that experience to you.  Specially crafted to pair perfectly with our California Cowboy bourbon, we’ve partnered with our friends at Eagle Rock Brewery in Los Angeles to create a limited release California Cowboy Western-Style lager. It’s the perfect match for your new favorite beer and shot.

Whiskey for Good

We are extremely proud of our relationship with the Wild Horse Sanctuary located in Shingletown, California. We donate a portion of each bottle sold directly to this outstanding charity. Its mission is to protect and preserve America’s wild horses as a living national treasure by providing range sanctuary in an ecologically balanced environment open to the public. Together we hope to raise awareness for this great cause and be a voice for America’s wild horses.

The Wild Horse Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, for more information please visit