Boulevard Brewing releases Space Camper IPA in limited Dark Phoenix movie packaging

Boulevard Brewing Co. proudly presents Space Camper, the long-awaited cosmic IPA with a juicy hop blast. It unleashes X-traordinary power and features an unanticipated intensity of flavors. You might even say this is a flavor that must be X-perienced to be believed.

And if you’re thirsty for even more cosmic power, Space Camper has teamed up with the X-Men to celebrate the release of Dark Phoenix. Whether it’s protecting the world or enjoying a Thirsty Thursday, the mission is simple: SAVE THE EARTH – THE ONLY PLANET WITH BEER (Editor’s Note: “Well, not quite the ONLY planet with beer.”). See Dark Phoenix only in theaters!

Crack open a can of Space Camper the beer and be transported to a new universe of India Pale Ales, where you’ll be rewarded with aromas of juicy mango, peach and pineapple, plus flavors of fresh citrus, stone fruit and watermelon. Dive into Space Camper the game and be transported to a universe filled with danger.

Take out the ships threatening our planet, collect hop cones and beer cans to gain helpful power-ups, and save the earth. CLICK HERE to accept your mission. 

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