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Black Hog Brewing Co. Featured In Latest Eli’s Craft Beer Project Video Ad


Today, the Eli’s Craft Beer Project released its latest video ad featuring Black Hog Brewing Company co-owner and head brewer, Tyler Jones. The video ad launch comes one day before Eli’s Tavern launches its Black Hog Brewing Co. brewed beer, Eli’s Ale, which is a hoppy blonde ale brewed with orange peel.​

The Eli’s Ale release party is taking place at Eli’s Tavern (21 Daniel Street, Milford, Connecticut 06460) on Thursday, May 24 from 7:00 PM – 1:00 AM and will feature $5 pints.

Black Hog Brewing Co., which is located in Oxford, Connecticut, was co-founded in 2014 by brothers Jason and Tom Sobocinski, with family friend and brewer, Tyler Jones. Since its opening, Black Hog has made a reputation for brewing experimental and food-friendly beer. Their Granola Brown Ale won gold in the American Brown Ale Style category at the 2016 World Beer Cup competition.

“Eli’s was one of the first restaurants to bring us on from the beginning,” said Jones. “It’s been really fun having this collaborative idea back and forth, deciding something between the two of us, and getting a new style of beer out there.”

“We’re supplying beautifully hand-crafted beers and Eli’s is providing beautifully hand-crafted food. We’re a match made in heaven, for sure.”

Kevin Fitzsimmons, the General Manager for Eli’s Tavern (Milford, CT) and Eli’s Orange (Orange, CT) – who also is spearheading the Eli’s Craft Beer Project – agreed that the partnership between Black Hog Brewing Co. and Eli’s is a win-win for craft beer drinkers and restaurant goers alike.

“We have a great relationship with craft breweries across the state, and that includes our friends at Black Hog Brewing Co.,” said Fitzsimmons. “We can’t thank Tyler and the staff enough for their commitment to creating great-tasting beer, jobs, revitalizing neighborhoods, and providing a much-needed boost to our state’s economy.”

Fitzsimmons added that craft breweries in Connecticut, including Black Hog Brewing Co., contribute over $700 million annually to the state’s economy. There are currently about 65 craft breweries in Connecticut, and that number is growing, with three new breweries soon to pop up in Milford alone.


The three craft breweries coming to Milford include Milford Point Brewing, Dockside, and Tribus Beer Company.

The first three Eli’s Craft Beer Project videos highlight Two Roads Brewing Co., Counterweight Brewing Co., and Beer’d Brewing Co., respectively.

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