SportRx, the leader in sport prescription eyewear, teamed up with San Diego craft brewery, Bitter Brothers, for the second year running to present “Barley Visible,” a refreshing Vienna Bohemian Pilsner.

Building upon 2018’s optician-inspired brew, Hoptical Clarity, SportRx adds a lighter note to their craft collection with Barley Visible, recommended to be enjoyed with sunglasses, eyeglasses, goggles, and good people.

SportRx’s fun culture, San Diego roots, and strong connection to the local community gave way for the craft beer collaboration with its neighboring craft brewery. SportRx opticians and expert homebrewers, Tyler Andersen and Oscar Rayle, developed the Barley Visible pilsner recipe and worked with the team at Bitter Brothers to scale production and can and label the tasty results.

Keeping in the tradition of gathering with friends over beer, SportRx will celebrate the first pour of Barley Visible with a public release party on Friday, November 15th at SportRx headquarters. The first 250 attendees will be able to take home a free custom-made SportRx pint glass. SportRx will be offering free Barley Visible beer, food, and an in-store promotion for all who stop by.

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