BeerBoard Introduces the Next Generation of Complete LBW Management

Terry Bunch Co-Founder / Editor-in-Chief

BeerBoard – the leader in technology and automated business intelligence for the on-premise retail industry – is digitizing the back of the bar with the official launch of SmartOrders.

The innovative platform completes BeerBoard’s ecosystem by providing solutions that work in tandem with the other key aspects of complete LBW management.

SmartOrders uses BeerBoard’s technology and data to simplify ordering, inventory and payments, and it ties the entire process together between retailers and distributors. Retailers can place orders directly through wholesalers and receive insights on inventory with recommended brands and quantities. In addition, SmartOrders provides increased accuracy, improved timelines and reduced expenses for distributors, and its actionable invoice level insights result in increased revenue and optimized profits.


“SmartOrders capitalizes on BeerBoard’s leading-edge technology by streamlining the ordering process for retailers, distributors and beyond,” said BeerBoard Founder and CEO Mark Young. “The state-of-the-art digital platform saves hours of work per week by automating what has traditionally been a manual process for restaurants and bars. Every bar that has started using SmartOrders during our launch phase has been impressed by the efficiency of the system and refused to go back to their old ways. We’re looking forward to seeing the positive, lasting impact that SmartOrders will have on the industry.”


SmartOrders is currently being utilized by Hooters, Buffalo Wild Wings and Twin Peaks, among other retailers. BeerBoard has also connected major distribution groups across the country to the platform. The platform’s impact will extend beyond ordering, inventory and pricing by positively impacting staff capabilities, efficiencies and revenue for all parties involved.


“SmartOrders has had a significant impact on our business and has become the key component of our LBW management,” said Bruce Skala, SVP of marketing for Hooters of America. “Now, ordering and inventory are right-sized in real-time and general managers are amazed by its staff-extending capabilities and ability to make the operation more efficient. This technology is a must-have for our business and the industry moving forward.”


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