Beer Alien Wants Your Beer Knowledge To Create A Better Beer Community

As we move forward into the new year, we want to keep you updated with the big changes we are already making to the Beer Alien website. The Beer Alien website is a living organism that it’s constantly changing and evolving every single day. As the world grows bigger, so do we… That’s the nature of things in any race, Human or Alien.  We just hope the additions we’ve added to the Beer Alien site will be beneficial to you and to your day-to-day business needs.

But first, we must take a look at the obvious. Our intelligence tells us that we should start looking at the social media outlets such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. the same way we look at the BIG BEER companies. The BIG BEER buys small breweries, while the BIG SOCIAL buys small businesses (Facebook buys Instagram, Google buys YouTube) and the list goes on. We need to act fast before it’s too late. We need to throw something “Crafty” into the mix and what a better wrench than a locally-grown website owned by two crafty Beer Aliens?

We are not taking on Facebook. That would not be smart. Besides, we LOVE Facebook and YouTube, and Instagram, and Google. That’s how we keep in contact with other Alien lifeforms around the Galaxy oops… I meant Planet (I hope I didn’t spoil the future for you). Plus, we don’t have the same resources that the “BIG SOCIAL” has and you know what that i$, right?. But hey, I’ll leave it to the universe, as you humans like to say.

“We just think that there should be a “GOOD” Beer Only Social Community dedicated to the craft for professionals and novice alike. Is that too much to ask? So we set out to create one and see what would happens.”



The new Beer Alien might have a familiar look to it but once you start exploring you’ll find a lot of new featured within.  Lets start with a few we’ve implemented thus far:

  • Profile
    • Profile Avatar & Cover
    • Public & Private Profiles
      • Export your personal data by request
    • Extremely Customizable
    • Verified Badges

Having personalized and customized profiles will make it easy for friends to find you and interacted with you. There are also member types to choose from such as “Brewer, Brewery, etc.”  for easy searching. Check out Garage Brewing profile to see what you can achieve as a business or brewery.

  • Community Social Features
    • Social Wall (A slick timeline to showcase everyone’s daily activities. Think Facebook but nicer looking)
    • Friends Connections
    • Follow & Unfollow
    • Notifications & Notices
    • Private Messaging
    • Bookmark Post
    • “Like” System
    • Comments & Replies
    • @Mentions (ex. @raymond )
    • Emoticons & Smilies
    • Live URL preview
    • More to come
      • Rating & Reviews (soon)
      • Earned Badges (soon)
      • Public Groups

Create a community among friends to strengthen your connections. Unlike the BIG SOCIAL, 100% of your community friends will have the ability to see everything your post.

  • Wines & Spirits
    • We’ve added a section to support out wine and spirit users. There’s everything from wines, tequila, whisky and everything in between. Check out the Beer Alien Wines & Spirits section Here

These are just a few enhancements we’ve added to the site. The best way to experience it is to jump right in. So we welcome you to join us to take over the BIG SOCIAL (not really) but you never know.

So, are you ready to take this journey with us? We don’t know where this is going to lead, we just hope we are ready. As a legend once said:  To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before