Beer Alien interviews Cascade Brewing new owners about the future of Cascade Brewing

Now that some time has passed to allow the shock of the news that Cascade Brewing was sold, we wanted to have a chat with the humans that are the new owners. We wanted to know about the future plans for the brand, what changes, if any were coming and we wanted to get our alien perspective on these humans. 

We spoke with one of the new owners, Ramie Mount, about Cascade’s future:


1. One of the biggest concerns we have heard from our readers is the possible change to the business model of Cascade and how that might affect the brand. Can you elaborate on what the future plans are at this time? We are particularly interested in the plans once the Covid-19 crisis is over.

  • There are no plans to change the current business model of Cascade. I am a long-time fan of Cascade’s products and brand – so our primary focus is to scale and grow whatever is great and already in place. As we believed and have now witnessed, the team at Cascade is amazing and full of very good ideas and we want to do everything we can to be supportive of those ideas and facilitate whatever we can through to execution. Any future plans we make will intentionally involve the existing team in a collaborative manner to ensure solid focus and alignment. There are many ideas “brewing”, both big and small, but I believe they need a bit more time to bake before I can comment on them. If anything, we want to grow sales & distribution, and make this product more accessible for everyone.


2. Is there any truth to the rumors that you and your team have been involved with business decisions at Cascade for some time now… long before the sale announcement?

  • There is no truth to that. The discussions surrounding the deal, prior to the announcement, took quite a while to complete and we had no involvement with Cascade’s business operations until just a few hours before the announcement. That said, there have been plenty of positive changes made or put into action in the last 1-2 years solely by the existing team (prior to us).


3. We have read the press releases and learned little bits of information about your background. Please tell us more about your craft beer background and how the sale of Cascade came about.

  • I have a software engineering background, most recently as a Principal Engineer, that fostered and fueled my passion for creative problem solving, qualifying the needs of clients, and any and all efforts around improving team collaboration and communication. Pair that with many, many years of frequenting taprooms, growler stations, and beer festivals…and I decided I wanted to be more involved. One evening, while drinking a Boneyard Notorious, followed by a Cascade Apricot to top the evening off, I messaged Mark Becker and asked if he’d sell it to me. He said yes. I have owned and operated the taproom for a little over 2 years now, focused primarily on curating a craft, independent tap and bottle list that the community truly enjoys. I didn’t do that alone. My employees and our customers help a ton in making amazing suggestions. At the end of the day, I want to do everything I can to create environments where great beer can be enjoyed by awesome customers who all share the same enthusiasm and passion. As for how the sale came about…Jake, a great guy who works at the Lodge, introduced me to Art years and years ago on one of the many evenings I visited the Den. The rest is somewhat history, I kept coming back, I kept running into Art. I achieved my dream one day when I was able to get Cascade distributed to my taproom, now I had my own Cascade tap! What is better than that? Clearly, the dream didn’t stop there. Quite a while later + many months and many conversations…we are here!


4. Can you publicly commit to a promise that Cascade will remain an independent brewery?

  • I, Ramie Mount, publicly commit to the promise that Cascade Brewing will remain an independent brewery.


5. On a lighter note, what is your favorite Cascade beer and what do you love about it?

  • Can I pick 3? In the winter, you cannot go wrong with the Glueh Kriek. Year-round, Apricot is a staple. I had a keg of Midnight Bramble at my wedding, so that obviously tops my list too!


6. Putting aside budgets and perhaps even the concept of reality, what would you want to do with Cascade if those restrictions were removed?

  • Putting aside budgets, I think the best thing to do would be to give back to everybody on the Cascade team. That is a no brainer. I wouldn’t be here without them, because I would not have been able to find the Barrel House and discover Cascade if it weren’t for them. I probably would have never met and gotten to know Art if it weren’t for Jake at the Lodge introducing me. I would not have been able to find Cascade in various places across the country if it weren’t for the sales & distribution team. There would be no product without the brewers and blenders and other staff. Art & team have built this brand, this product I have a passion for, and we want nothing more than to continue to grow it.


7. Is there anything else you would like to share or comment on?

  • This is in good hands. If you see me around town, do not hesitate to approach me and say hi and tell me what you like about Cascade and what you think could be improved. I do this for the team and for the community of people who love the product. I can’t promise every single idea will happen, but I promise to bring it to the table.


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