Everyone wants to have / create the next BIG thing. People will stop at nothing to make this happen but do you know what happens to most of the products that comes out just for the sake of making money? CRAP,  they are mediocre at best. Some will become novelty items given as a gag gift or something similar to this. However, sometimes, something comes along that blurs the line and and stand tall above others. Say Hello to B Cups from Fermented Reality

So, what make B Cups so different from the rest… The main problem I have with Plastic Beer Cups is that they are not very durable. Often times I just throw them away after a few drinking session since they are not very receptive to high temp cleaning. I run EVERYTHING through my dishwasher, just for sanitation purposes, and all I get are warped plastic cups, for the most part. Almost all will have a “Hand Wash Only” warning but not all do. That’s when B Cups comes in.

Beer: Illusion Of Safety by Adroit Theory Brewing - Glass Style: Funk by B Cups

Beer: Illusion Of Safety by Adroit Theory Brewing – Glass Style: Funk by B Cups

I have put the Fermented Reality’s B Cups through the dishwasher many, many times – over, and over again and the results is the same, every single time… Nothing. No warped, no discoloration, no mess. It is the perfect cup to drink beer. This along should entice you to, at the very least, try the B Cups for yourself.

  • BPA & BPS Free
  • High Temp Dishwasher Safe
  • Lightweight, Rugged and Shatterproof
  • 17oz Capacity

The B Cups comes in different styles for different styles of beers. IPA, Lager, Funk and Stout – There’s one for every beer drinker, how awesome is that? They feel durable, they look like glass and no one will be able to tell the difference without touching it. No excuses as to why you shouldn’t have these cups ready at home.  

I recommend the B Cups for any beer drinking occasion – indoors and/or outdoors and since they are plastic, they can be taken into sports events, Tailgates, parks, beaches, etc. They look just like glass and hold up to all the outdoor elements. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about dropping or breaking expensive glassware.

“B Cups are uniquely made to allow you to taste and smell all the subtleties of your favorite beer and are for craft beer lovers who consider drinking beer an experience.”

B Cups retails for $11.99 for a 2pk or $19.99 for a 4pk and can be purchased through Amazon or click the button below to purchase from Fermented Reality.

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.:: Editor’s Note: We still do not know how long the B Cups glasses last. Hopefully we can update this article in a year or so.

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