Australian Bushfires Update on Hop Farms and Resilience Fundraising Beer Project

The reports of Australian bushfire devastation are overwhelming, but we are relieved to share that all of the Hop Products Australia (HPA) people and properties have remained safe.

Unfortunately, there are many in our thoughts today who have lost loved ones, homes, and businesses – not to mention the tremendous impact and suffering of Australia’s wildlife.

In the face of these challenges, HPA reports the 2020 crop appears normal, and the current conditions are not expected to negatively impact hop yield, quality, aroma or flavor.

As a response to the devastation, the local and international beer community is invited to join in a fundraising brew. The aim is to raise much-needed funds to help impacted communities transition from crises to healing through regeneration and rehabilitation projects.

The initiative provides an opportunity for the global brewing community to work together to support brushfire relief efforts. The Resilience name harkens back to the Sierra Nevada fundraising effort in the wake of the Camp Fire in California in 2018. More than 1,400 brewers brewed their version of the Resilience IPA, raising millions. The Australian Resilience Beer is a 5% Pale Ale with all funds raised going to a diverse range of charities and causes, big and small.

To view the recipe, for more information or to join the mission please visit